Friday, October 31, 2003

Hi people! Well, I 've seen that we are still talking about Eminem, so, once again, here's my opinion: Diego, I read your message, and I think that you have the right of having your opinion about Eminem, if you like him or not. But, I would like to say something: well, I agree with you when you say that he talks more about hid problems in his rap thing, but usually, rap does not always says things about the society. Most of the time, we hear in the radios rappers singing about drugs, or about women in a mean way, and other things that I consider very bad. And Eminem, well, he does have some raps that talk about the same bad things, but normally, he chooses his serious songs to put on radio. And those songs have something that touch us in a deeply way (well, it does for me).
And about water, well, what can I say? We need to care more about this subject. Water is the next reason for a new war. And if we don't handle it with care, we will suffer lots of consequences. If now we are having those problems of drinkable water, imagine the future,a nd how will it be!
Halloween! A scary day! I am a little boy that is very scared when it comes to Halloween… What if some monsters attack me in the streets?! This day is doomed….Oh my gosh…
What about you guys, aren’t u scared of Halloween? I would really like to know how do you celebrate it (Renata already asked it). In here, nothing special. In school some children dress like mummies or witches, and there are some costume parties.

Good bye…
Today is Friday!!!! Isn't it great??? It's also the Halloween!! How do you celebrate the Halloween??
Claudia, can you say more things about this list of questions that you are doing at school???

Water...What a big you know that there was a philosopher who say that WATER was the origin of all the world??bah... and now we use it badly and make it dirty...bah... we're really stupid!!!

Leonardo...What do you want to know about philosophy?? It' s a beautiful and hard subjet, do you like it??

an other thing I would like to say: At school we're making a list of question about you and your country...If you want, do the same, we'll be happy to answer you, ok??


Thursday, October 30, 2003

I agree with you about the water, there are lots of people in this world who don't have water at all, like in Africa, for instance, in the deserts, people die of lack of water...Us, we are very lucky to have such access to water so we should always use it properly and not waste it...hehe....
so that's all!


I am sorry guy! I know that I write to much but I will do something To handle it.


Oh my god

Oh man, I have many things to say. It is always the same time I come back here to beeonline... one week later and all is changed, it is incredible. However you guys were talking about philosophy. Well, I have a question "What is a thing?" hehehe answer me.

About the horoscope I am a Cancer and I like what I have read in books but I don t believe in that, however it is funny because sometimes something that is written really happens.

And God this sound of rain is so wonderful, I love working with the sound of the rain (now it is raining) I think that why I like the movie “dancing in the rain”.

To finish my “Bible" here I would like to say that I hate Eminem because he thinks that he is the best and all his songs are horrible, the subject of all of his songs is saying bad things about someone or something. BTW, I like Coldplay and if you want to hear a very good song listen to “a rush of blood to the head” of Coldplay. You will love it!

I didn't agree with Diego and Paul. Brazil is the unique country which has water but remember my dear friends that this unique water drinkable is for more than 6 billion people!!!! We have to think on the others!!!!!
Hi everyone
Lou, You are right. I had completely forgotten about that point in Eminem's life.
Yeah Claudia, It's better than nothing. After that, you'll get the 2 month vacation and that's the best. You just have to wait.
Another day with rain in my house but, with what Chico said, I feel better about it. I still want it to stop though.
Diego, you d'ont have to be so hatefull to Eminem. He's not the worst. I agree with you on the water point though. Brazil has too much rivers to lack water in the next 100 years (I think).
That's all my friends.

why i hate eminem

If we are saying bad things to say about Eminem I will say mine I hate him more than every singer his voice is boring for me and as every one says he has no respect for nothing the rap normally is to talk about the problems of the society but he do not do that he is only speaking about his one problems that i have nothing to care and a lot of people have worse lifes than his about it or he is swearing people that’s why i hate him a lot .And about the water i am not so afraid because man adapt himself to the problems and because brazil will probably be the last country to be out of water I am sure that before we run out of water we will have a way to take out the water of the sea and purify it .

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Hi fokes!
Well, I need to say that I totally agree with Lou. Like I've said before, I like Eminem, a lot!!! I think that's he 's very cute and sexy... hehe... And the best thing that I like about him is that he writes his own songs, he doesn't need composers (I don't know if we spell like this...) . And the coolest thing is that he knows how to ryme! It's perfect... And most of the time, the songs that we listen on radio from him are "inteligent" songs, you know, that talk about serious things, from his life or about other things. For example, a song called "Stan" sang and wrote by him, was so good and touching, that in MTv Brazil, in a show that they put only video clips, they put this video, but with subtitles, in Portuguese. That means that the lyric was so great that everybody needed to know what he was singing.... All this it's to show how I like Eminem....
And talking about water, I am really scared about what Chico said. I really got frightned, can you imagine, we can drink less than 1% of water in the whole world! we need to do something, to save water, 'cause then we 'll be saving us and family!
Yes Rê!!! You're right and I agree with you. Water in world is finishing and we have to save it. Do you know that less than 1% of the water in the world is drinkable?? (!!) Think of it. If we don't do something our sons and descendants won't have water, and I don't want to see our names disappearing because of this...
I totally agree with you Claudia!! Well, I hate Eminem and his way to life...His songs are very bad. I'm not a HUGE fan of rap but here in Brazil we have "Gabriel, o Pensador". He talks about our problems here in Brazil like poverty.
Well, in November we haven't holidays so we go anywhere!! In Brazil, we have holidays during July and January. But also the vacations depends of the school where you study. In our school, we have holidays in half December and half February then half April and half October.
Guys, your words gave me a little view of Brazil...It has to be great!! At school Massimo and me spent some orrible days....always tests, interrogations...bah!!

BTW(I've learnt it!!), Re(nata), where are you going in November?will you have some holidays?
Paul, year is long but in December we'll have Xmas holidays...a period of stop...2 weeks..better than nothing, don't you think?

I saw that you're speaking about music... I MUST say that my favourite are Red hot chili peppers and their better album for me is Blood sugar sexy magic...really good!!
Eminem for me is a good singer but his way to live the life is wrong...he knowes to be a model for youngs but anyway he prefers saying bad things about people "different" from us (like homosexuals, immigrants) to appear it right??

Well, personaly, I'm a HUGE fan of eminem, I tink he's just incredible.Of course, I do not agree with somethings he says in his songs because he is very rude. And Paul, he doesn't have respect for his parents but look who his parents are!!!His dad left when he was only a child and his mom doesn't like him at all...He has his reasons for being so cruel with them...
That's all then
Another day ruined by rain......... I missed my tennis classes because of it. It's really getting on my nerves.
Anyway, I agree with Françoise. I prefer living in a big city than in a small one. (Actually, I never lived in a small city so I d'ont really know)
I like Eminem's music a little, but not much. I think he doesn't have any respect for anyone, even his parents!
Well, that's all.
Hi Sara! I'm sorry I didn't answer you before... I'm working with my father on a traduction to his friend, so I didn't feel will to enter on the internet.
It must be great to live in a place like that. But, like Graham and I said, it's better to live in a big city than a small town. You see, it's good to stay for a little time, but not for much. We get annoyed. But some people prefer to live in a little town. Is that your case?
It is beautiful to see colored houses, big gardens and old castles. I totally agree with you. It must be great to live only around it.
Yes, London must be a chaotic city, like you said. It's like Sao Paulo, where we like. It's horrible! But I don't know if I could live away from here.
What about your city? Is it chaotic like London, Sao Paulo or other big cities?
I agree with you about Eminem. But I don't like him at all. Even his music. I don't know, he wants to show himself to other persons. Like if he is the star, and other people, the ones who he says (I don't know how to say) bad words, like he did to Britney Spears in his clip. And the injuries against his family, like you said. He is very problematic.
What are the languages that you know? Do you think it's difficult? Do you think that Spanish is difficult?
Gotta go!

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Hey!!! I totally agree with Lou and Paul but also we need the rain. Don't you remember this?? Water is very important to us but we have less and less water in the world!!!! Summer is very great but don't you think that rain (or water, whatever) is more important than the sun?
I totally agree with Paul, the constant rain here spoil summer....but I also LOVE this country...I have been here for 6 years ( it's a long tile...) and I don't want to go away...But maybe, I'll have to go next year, it's a tragedy....
that's all then
Hi everyone,
It's been raining for three days non stop at my house. It's starting to annoy me. This is the only small problem with the summer in Brazil (too much rain every day) but, during the rest of the year, there isn´t any rain, so we have to save water.
Anyways, Brazil is great and I don't want to leave it yet. Does anybody here feel the same for their country?
Hi Sara! My name's Lina and I'm 15. I can't agree with you when you say that England is fabulous because I've never been there! But I wish I was! It must be so nice! It's always been a dream of mine to go to England. Right now I have two uncles that are there. I also like little towns, like you said with castles, and coloured houses, but I still prefer big cities. I can't imagine myself living in a calm place, not in a big citie! I don't know why , 'cause like I've already said, I really like small cities... But to spend a couple of weeks, not for ever. Who knows I change my mind later on...? hehe... Well about music, I agree with you... Although I like Eminem very much, I'm a huge fan, I don't like to hear he 's saying bad things about people like blacks one or the homosexual (I don't care when he says bad things about his ex-wife 'cause I can't stand her....). But I totaly agree with you, music is such a beautiful thing that souldn't be used to talk about rude things (with some exceptions, of course). What kind of music you're fond of? And about languages, I like to learn them too, but now I am going to have a break, because I 'm learning so many, that it's being a little bit exhaustif : I speak Portuguese, French English, a little of Spanish, and I'm learning Arabic! It's too much! hehe...
Well that's all for now. I'm waiting for answers! ; )

Monday, October 27, 2003

Hi Claudia!! My name is Renata but you can call Rê (I prefer). How are you?? Well, I don’t believe in those horoscopes but we never know if it’s true or not. Who knows??? Today, the weather is very sad: it’s raining!! But Saturday the sun was beautiful in the sky. Here was very hot Saturday. Claudia, come here and you’ll see the sun frequently. During the summer, I go to the beach, to the swimming pool, I go to the malls, I do gym and I run around my district or in parks. I love summer but I love winter too.
In November, we (my school friends and me) will trip to the countryside of São Paulo. It will be very nice. Holidays summer is coming. It will be only on December but it’s coming soon. Only two month!!!!! I’m very happy about that!!!!
Hi Paul!
Yes, vacation is coming. And we need it, I agree with you.
Claudia, you can come here, you may visit us in Brazil, to meet the country. You'll have fun, it's very good, the summer, the beaches, the sun, the sea... me... No, that's a joke.
Hello it's me again.
The summer is aproaching and we'll have two months of vacation. I need vacation! It's been a very long school year! But, the school year is not finished and I have to stay concentrated.
Claudia, d'ont you have some vacation in December? If you do It's coming and you should enjoy it because you will have six months of hard work after that. But you should be optimistic, the year is not too long.
........ Bye
Hi claudia!
Well, for us here in Brazil, it's different then for you, in December, now, it's gonna be summer...Winter just finished, thanks god. SO we're going to have 2 months of vacation...I'm personally REALLY needing it. Right now, we didn't plan any trip yet but we might. In november, we are going to travel during 4 days with the all class so it's going to be a lot of fun..
About the horoscopes, if I understand well, you don't believe in them but still, you read them...hehe...
that's all then




After a bit period of absence, I'm again here!!
I read about do I don't believe in it, but when I'm afraid for something I take in my hands my ring...
Anyway here weather is rainy...I miss sun..winter is coming on...and summer now is only a memory..
What will you do during your summer??
Will you organize a trip with your school friends??
Here, we tought about a trip for next summer..maybe at Rimini...let's hope!!!I miss Summer and holidays..stop studing please !!!



Sunday, October 26, 2003

Hi everyone!!
It's been such a long time since I wrote in this blogger (about three months I think) But, I'm back.
I'll try to be more active in the discussion now.
How are you all? To answer to Lou's question, I do not beleive in horoscopes. Anyway, I'm a Sagitarius. I like reading them though, I think it's funny.
Anyways, good week to everyone! Bye

Well, and what about chinese horoscopes? do you think that it's the same as the others?


HI massimo...
My name is Caroline, well, what can I say?... I had never studied philosophy but I'm sure that I won't llike. I know that because I don't like reading very much... Specially those things that I imagine philosophy is like. My favorites subjects are mathematic and economy...
One las thing, good luck !!
Well, that's all
Byee, kisses


Hii everybody, here I am, after a very long time hehehe.. Well I'm back .. So, i'll just answer lou... I don't know if I believe it or not, sometimes I do sometimes I don't. ON the other hand I like to read them.
hi Francoise!

Hi Francoise!

Sorry for late but my computer was out!
I' ve been in England the last year with my English teacher, Mrs Mauro, and some classmates of mine...England is fantastic but I like much more little town than London; London is too big and chaotic, while there are some little country full of nice colored houses, big gardens, old castles like AROUNDELcastle (If I'm not wrong!). I would like to live in a place like this!
About music I totally agree with you...sometimes beautiful songs say horrible things...I think It's not right, stupid people shouldn't use this fantastic thing talking about stupid subjects! for example do u know Eminem, the rapper! His music is not bad but he says only bad words, injuries against his family, against homosexuals, blacks!My God!
Also I really like learning new languages, I know also a bit of French language...but I would like to learn Hispanol!
Sorry, I gotta go!
I'll write again soon!
Waiting for your answer,


Hi Lou....
My sign is "Libra".
I read horoscopes just for fun, I didn't believe in what I read. However, the same thing happened to me last you remember, didn't you? So now I think I will read the horoscopes more carefully, paying attention. But I won't completely believe because maybe it was just a coincidence....hehe...
Hi Massimo. My name is Marina and I'm 16 years old.
Well I've never had Philosophy yet. And I hope I will never have this subject because I feel I won't do it well, my grades will be terrible!!
I wish you good look in your test but like Lina said don't study at the least time, you must start studying before. In fact I'm not the best person to say this to you because most of time I study one day before the test...hihi...
Anyway, my favorite subject is Math.
Bye Bye....
Hi! well, I haven't written here for a very long time but anyway....I was just thinking about one thing, do you believe in horoscopes? Do you actually think that your personality and the way you act with people are determined by the date you were born? I used to think that all those stuff was lies and that it didn't work...However, last week, I read one, just for fun, and it actually did foreseed something that happened to me....But anyway, what signs are you all?
Well, that's all
Hey Massimo!
I would be very happy if there was a strike in my school, you are a very lucky boy. Before I say anything else, I must say I am sorry: I can’t pray for you because I am not religious. When you said you weren’t prepared for the philosophy test, I remember about my Portuguese tests… It’s the same thing as you: I just can’t study it…
But hey, philosophy must be nice? Maybe interesting…
Good luck, that’s all I can say.

PS: May the force be with you…lol

Reconecting in bee online

HI again you may be wondering why I always do two message in the same time, well don t ask me I don t know. However like people here said internet is a easy way to make friends but beware where do you enter some places are dangerous, and sometimes go out with friends is as good as chat on internet. And Lina physic, sciences and philosophy are not monsters, you have to see the test like a opportunity and get studying and doing all the exercice, I said ALL. Then you will see that these monsters will become little friends who will only give you 9 or 8 in the test as a gift. hehehe don t be afraid.

Oh I forgot claudia you have ask me about Brazil sorry for make you waiting so long, but here I go. Here in brazil we have many historic cities like Ouro Preto, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and others cities that relate the discoverment in 1500, the production of the coffe, the discoverment of gold in Minas Gerais that is Ouro Preto, and the list go on and on and about food i am not very good but to have an idea people usually eat feijoada that i a typical meal and picanha that is is special cut of the cow, sorry about recipes I am very bad but i can search it for you if you want ok?. BTW if you have more questions just ask, and we are talking about music, do you like in particulary any? Well bye, answer me.

Hi I am late

Hello everybody as you guys see I am late I have not been here for a long time so I have many things to talk. And for you guys who are talking about music, well I like coldplay like I said before but like marina said Evanescence is a great band and I like it too, but what about Italy is there any famous regional music band? Because here we have a lot like, paralamas do sucesso, detonautas, charlie br jr, and we have a kind of music that is unique from Brazil music that is Forro. BTW Do u have a kind of music that is only from Italy? well to begin is that I won t write a bible because none will read, so see u later.
Hi Massimo! My name's Lina, and I understand you! Well, I've never had Philosophy and I think I am going to have next year, but I feel the same when I am having a Physic test or Sciences test! It's horrible, I start to shake even before the test, when i'm studying and suddenly, I don't understand what I'm reading, and I feel really bad! So, good luck for your Philosophy test, and take an advice mine as a friend: do not study in the least minute, because everytime you do that, on the test you forget 80% of what you had studyed. Take a good night of sleep and relax your mind. My favourite subjects are English, and History and Geography. And yours?
Well that's all....

Saturday, October 25, 2003


Look how beautiful are the pictures of Surrealism that my ant sent me:

Surrealism 1 Surrealism 3 Surrealism 4 Surrealism 5 Surrealism 6 Surrealism 7 Surrealism 8 Surrealism 9

Friday, October 24, 2003

Hi Sara!

I'm quite good too. U?
I'm learning English since I was twelve I think. Like you, I learnt a big part listening to the music or movies... And on English classes too!
A couple years ago, when I was 14, every Saturday I used to see clips on a channel name Multishow. For two hours there was 20 different music, with legends and I used to record, to see after. At the beginning I used to not know what the music means, but reading the legends, I learnt a lot and in the end, there was many words that I learnt with the music. I think that it is very interesting for someone who wants to learn a new language. Music helps a lot. And there are music that I love so much that I search on internet than I learn. But sometimes the better is not to know what is the meaning of the music. For example, the music The Bad Touch, have you ever listened to it? Well, when I listened this music for the first time I really loved, but when I saw what it really means... hahaha! It is horrible!
I think it is interesting to attend an English University. If you want, try!!! Go ahead. I'm interested on England too, but not for an university, but to live. I don't know. I always dreamt about living there. And many friends mine that went there, wanted to be there much more. And there are others that don't. A friend of my mother said that it's horrible to live in England. She's living there since the year 2000 and she says always that she is suffering a lot. I don't know... I think that the idea about living in an other country that isn't yours is very difficult!
So, you would like to be a consul? =) Interesting... Different! I don't know what I'd like to be... But I'd like to do something related to languages. I love to read, to write... And I really like learning new languages. Now I'm learning a little bit of German with my father. I know just some words, but I'd like to go deep on it, but not now, because I think that the most important now is study. I'm studying a lot... Working hard! But I really don't know what I'm going to do.
You can use piano as hobby... On your spare time!
Kisses and hugs
Hello everybody!!!!!!!!!
How are you guys?It's a long time I don't write in this blog forgive me(what I'm telling who cares if I don't write or not?Bhoooooooo).Today we didn't go to school 'cause there is a
strike/of teachers,so everybody will think:great!Much hours to sleep..........not for me infact tommorow there will be the interrogation of philosophy(help me)and because I never have opened the book of this subject I have to study 70 pages moreless full of strange persons that have strange ideas about the origin of the things I know it's a definition that limits this "wonderfull" subject but I hate it maybe because of my teacher that is crazy I don't know but I know that this day will be hard.About philosophy did you study it at school and do you like it,and what are your favourite subjects? God bless me for tomorrow, please answer me soon and if I won't be died for the bad mark that I will take maybe you will have also another my message bye bye everybody from Italy Massimo.

P.S.=Please pray for me.............
Hi Sara! My name' Lina and I'm 15. And I totally agree with you, this is the best way to communicate with new people, after travelling, and how to know about their culture. And like you, I lreally like to know new people. And the best is that, I am talking to someone from a place where I 've never been (I wish I had), and I have the chance to make new friends without going out! I think this is just fabulous!
Good morning Francoise!
How is it goin' there?
I'm quite good!
thanks for compliment, I'm learning English since I was 8 I think, at the elementary school, but I'm not bad at English cause I like it...I watch movies in English language since I was 10 and because of I love music, also English music, It helped me in learning English language!! And you, since when do you speak English!?
You must know that "one of" my dreams ( 'cause I'm also a great dreamer), linked to my love for traveling, is to attend an English university, in England I mean!But I know It's a little bit complicated (BUT It couldn't be a dream if it was a simple thing!)!
I don't know Who I will be in the future! Maybe also a piano player ( on cruising ships!) but not for much time of my life and not only it!
I would like to be a consul...Don't ask me why...I don't know! And you????
Are you sure of your future? =)
lots of hugs!

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Hi Giuseppe! I'm 16 and I'm from Brazil.
Do you study at Lyceum Garibaldi too? I thought you were a teacher!!! =)
So... What do you like to do? What don't you like to do? Do you like meeting people on internet?


Hi Giuseppe.....

I love Evanescence too.. here in Brazil, the song Bring me to life is doing a big success....
In fact I love music... every time that I arrive home I need to turn on my radio.. I can't do my homework without any song ... hahaha...

Well..tell me more about you..
Hi Francoise!
I'm 14 years old and I'm from Italy. And you?

Hi Giuseppe!
How old are you?
Hi Sara!
That's ok with you confused my name. Here, in Brazil, that's normal! It's rare to have someone here that the name is François or Françoise. So the people always call me François! I have already accustomed to it. I noticed you because I thought that you thought that I was a boy.
I saw that you speak very well English. Since when do you speak English?
Music is a sort of therapy. When I get angry for example, I listen to music to calm down, when I'm sad and I listen to a happy music I usually get better. Music is great!
Don't you think that it's fun to travel? Mainly listening to music. Meeting new places, new persons... It is so good!
I agree with you about music, that remembers all the best moments. When I listen to Bee Gees for example, the first persons that I think about are my parents. The music, Hotel California - Eagles remembers me a lot my sister... I have one music for each moment or for each person.
Answering to your questions, yes I know some Italian singers, like Eros Ramazotti, Tony Angeli, Andre Bocelli (the best) and I think that I know others... But right in this moment I don't remember.
Do you pretend to have music as a profession? If it isn't that, what do you pretend to do?
Talking about studying, I gotta go too, because tomorrow I have a physics test.
Bye bye!


hi Giuseppe!!!!!!
I like a lot of films like apocalypse now, Jaws 1 and Snatch those are my favorite films but i like other ones like star wars and all the James Bond. I don't know this dansow creek but it look like very nice. When i was little i liked to watch Magiver but not anymore it was fun but know its look like so stupid.
Bye Diego

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Hi Diego,
I like movies music too! Do you know Dawson's Creek? :) I love this Telefilm! What film or telefilm do you like?



Hi Giuseppe
I like music too my favorites are sisters of mercy a great band and my favorite songs from them are Mother Russia and temple of love there are not very famous but there songs are the best for me. I like movies music because they have a thematic and you can imagine the scenes of the movies while you listen to it :-)!!!!!
Hi guys!!!
Do you like music? I like Evanescence very much!!! eheheheh :) the best in the world!!! =)

=) =) =) sorry FrancoisE, I understood you were a girl but I didn't know that FrancoisE was the female noun for Francois...what a bud figure I cut!
I love music because of the same reason...since we ( me, my brother and my sister) were children we have always traveled a lot mostly by car and my father ( as much as me now!) love listening to music in the we all are fond of every type of music! In our collection we have got more than 300 CDs!!!
I like music like jazz, blues, rock ( I like Red Hot, too!), singers like Simon&Gurfunkle, Beatles then Withney Houston, Queen, and then lots of Italian singers ( do you know any Italian singer??) and so on!
But what I really like of music is his power to make me remembering! Lots (ALL) my memories are linked to a particular music, the music I listened in that particular moment will always make me remembering it...and I love this...for example, listening some notes of Like A prayer ( By Madonna) It's enough to start remembering all best moments of my last summer holidays!!! Music is the sound-track of my life!!!
About piano I play it since I was 9! Now I attend also the conservatory, a particular school to learn playing instrument and to become musician!
I've never met (alive) anyone I met ON INTERNET, I don't know why, MAYBE 'cause I've never linked very much with anybody! this could be the the right time!
Sorry but now I've to go...I haven't studied English literature yet and here It's 8 pm! I gotta go!
kisses & hugs

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Hello Sara! How are you?
Well, first, my name is Francoise! =) I'm a girl...
So, you're a sagitarian girl. Our birthdays are next, 'cause I do on December 29th.
I don't know who's Mrs Mauro. What's her first name?
Like you, I really love traveling. Almost all the week-ends I go travel somewhere. It can be with with my parents, my sisters, friends... Whatever. Just travel is good to me. Almost every year, when my father goes to France, my mother gets the car and we travel all around Brazil. This year we went to Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. We stopped in around 10 cities in the gone and 10 getting back to Sao Paulo.
We visited some relatives and friends of my mother. When we finally got in Brasilia, we met the cities around and visited friends. Then when we arrived I decided to travel again, but to the south of the country. And last year we went to the south of Brazil and to the northeast, but by airplane.
The trips lasts about 2 or 3 weeks, and during this period it becomes unforgettable.
Since we begun walking, my parents already begun travel with us always, all the week-ends.
But Brazil is very big... Difficult to meet too many places.
There are so many trips that sometimes it becomes boring, but I think it's great!
How about you? Do you travel always?
You said that you really like music. What kind of music are you keen of?
I'm keen on all kind of music. You know, music, to me, are related with the trips. Because everywhere we go, we listen to music on the car. So many trips, so... So many new music. And here at home, my parents use to listen all kind of music so we begin liking it... Bee Gees, Queen... But I prefer rock, like Red Hot Chili Peppers... (I forgot other names of bands) and some Brazilian bands.
What are the bands that you like?
So, you like piano? Me too... I play a little bit. I stopped piano classes. Since when do you play? I want continue having piano classes, but not now.
I have some questions... Do you usually meet new people on internet? Have you ever met (alive) someone?
huh! I gotta go! bye!
HI Sarah,
wow, We've got the same name...but yours has got the h!
I'm sure that since now you'll enter here much more times 'cause now you've got me to talk!!
Did you know that our name in Ebraic language means princess, that's why my father called me Sara and he always calls me "my princess"! I love it!
My God, aLso I love horses and I like riding horse very much! I think it's beautiful but I can do it only when I go on mountain where there's a riding-ground and I rarely go there! I'm good enough in horseback riding...maybe we will ride together a day!
However I love sports too, I'm a good swimmer, I won the swimming regional championship some years ago but now I haven't time to go to the swimming pool!
What about you, your country, your life! TELL ME STH ABOUT you!
Where's Premiere?
answer me soon!!
p.s. Do you know the time zone between Italy and Brazil?
sweet kisses
Hey Massimo!
sorry....I couldn´t answer you sooner!
So...What do I think about your city...??? well...I never went to Naples, but everyone tells me that it´s a beautiful city!!
AHh!! I have to go now!!! the bell just rang (AGAIN!! hehe)
talk to you later!


Hey Sara!
How do you do? Is it OK if I meet you too? I love meeting new people, it's always pretty amazing how wondreful friends we can make by the internet.
I'm also 16 but I'm in Premiere. I'm also one of Bee's students, but I don't enter here that much. I could come more often if I had someone to talk to!
I love travelling, I'm addicted to sports (actually, I'm just really addicted to horseback riding) and am pretty active.
I went to Italy once and met Naples, Florence, Venice and Porto Fino. Italy is really a wonderful place.
Brazil is a terrific country, I just love it here.
Well, gotta go....Hope to get an answer.
Hi Francois, I'm really happy for your answer...great!!!You're in Brazil!!
Well I'm 16 too, but I will be 17 soon, on the 2nd of December!!I attend the Lyceum Garibaldi and I'm Mrs Mauro's student...
I love my country, I think It's one of the most beautiful place in the world but I love traveling and I'm sure I'll discover other fantastic places...I think Brazil is one of them!
Then what I really like as much as my life ('cause I'm sure that I would not live without it!) is the music!!! Music in general, music as everything that It's not the silent but music...I play piano and believe me, I feel good only touching some keys of it!
Do you like music, too?
sorry I gotta go,
I'll write you again soon,
talk with me about whatever you want!!!!!And we will know each other!
sweet kisses

Monday, October 20, 2003

Hi Sara!

Hello Sara! How are you?
My name is Francoise. I'm 16 and I live in Sao Paulo. Well, I'm Bee's student. I love to meet new people too. It can be on the internet or even better... in flesh. So, what do you do? Are you a teacher too? A student?
So, what do you like doing? What do you prefer the most in Italy?
Well, I don't know what else to ask! =)
Answer me please!

Hello Lou, my friend!

How are you?
You should read Pollyanna. It's so beautiful. If you want, I can lend you the book if you want. I think you will like it.
Bye Lou!
Hello Leonardo!
near Naples there are lots of important historic cities, like Pompei, Ercolano...They are very important because in Roman period our volcano(Vesuvius) woke up and buried them! In Fact in Pompei you can see a real Roman city...with remains of houses , pictures, tools, "shops".... in a part of this city you can see also some bodies of person died during the eruption.
Obviously these bodies are casts but BTW (I've learnt it!!)
you see the expressions and their faces!!
Vesuvio is very beautiful... because now it sleeps .. by
the beach during the winter it's possible to see this high mountain without top covered of snow ... very particoular!!
But these are only a part of important cities here!!
and there??

Guys we're studing your traditions and your histoic side...can you help us please??
What are your favourite barzilian groups?what do you eat ...Can you give us some Brazilian recipes??Please help us.....

Good afternoon to all of you!!
My name is Sara and I'm from Naples!
I've been just invited to join your blog and belive me I'm very happy 'cause I love to know new people...and I love to keep in touch with People from far places...because I like the idea that I'm talking with someone who is far from me and that we are in contact even if in the meanwhile the sea is between us!! But also 'cause It's the most simple and the most beautiful way (after traveling!! Of course...) to know and learn new cultures, new ideas, new way of life...and everything like this! What do you think?
But now I stop my fingers 'cause I'm talking too much for the first time I write here!
So, be always happy!
Hi Lou!
Yes,I watched Bad Boys II! Hmm..I don't like it very much ;( I like other films! And you?


Saturday, October 18, 2003

Well, it has been so long I haven't written in here....well, Francoise, I don't know who Pollyanna is, I don't think I've seen the movie neither read the book...And BTW..hehe...did anyone watch the movie Bad Boys II?
well, that's all!
Hello Graham!
You're right to live in a small town when you get old. I see many times people who never respect old people. Before yesterday, I was coming back from school with my sister and I took a bus. The front of the bus is reserved for old and handicapped people. When there isn't an old person there, the passengers may sit there.
But Thursday (before yesterday), the bus was a little bit crowded and there were no old people there first, but then an old woman entered the bus. There was no place. Nobody thought of standing up and letting her sit. What happened? As the bus swerved, she almost fell on the floor. Even with that, the persons ignored that.
Here in Brazil, until last month, there was a soap opera, Mulheres Apaixonadas. featuring a character named Doris, who treatred her grandparents very badly . This caused a big controversy. I think that with the controversy, many persons in this country learnt how to treat an old person. I'm not sure of that, but I hope.
Well, I know that it's sometimes very difficult to stand them. My grandfather for example, after the death of my grandmother last year, he began getting sick and walking more slowly everyday . When I take a walk with him, it takes very long. But I know that grandparents don't live forever. And the death of my grandmother was very sad for us. So I try to be patient with him. He too was young once and when I get old I'll need help. So if we help, we can be helped.
Now... Talking about the sky...
I'm fascinated about what you wrote. About the beautiful sky that we can see when we are in little towns. The first thing that I think when I'm traveling to a little town is about the sky. It made me remember about once, when I was camping with my friends. We lay down on the grass and started looking at the beautiful sky with so many stars and falling stars that were passing that time. It was a very beautiful night that I'll never forget.
There was no cloud in the sky, no pollution... Only the full moon, the stars and the falling stars. The moon was so big, as if it were approaching the earth.
We talked for hours looking at the sky...
Bye! =)


Oh hi! I am surprised by Claudia's description of Naples. It seems a beautiful city. I have already been to Italy but never to Naples and only by seeing your posts, Claudia, I am now excited about the opportunity of visiting this city. And one thing, everyone here is talking about Sao Paulo but we have wonderful cities in the south and near Sao Paulo like Florianopolis, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais. -Not all are near the sea but they are lovely historic city. BTW, like Graham said, is there near Naples an important or beautiful historic city?

Well that is all cya.

I am back

Hi everyone! I was on holidays last week and I am writing only now, because some days I forgot and other I was tired or I was not able to write. However, I see that everyone is talking about the movies. So yesterday I watched a film with Felipe, a movie called "Saida de mestre" here, in English it must be something like "The Italian Job" and it is very interesting. It was funny because we met seen old friends there and we made new ones, nice day Hein?

Well I am back and u can talk to me anytime you want. Bye
Hi Felipe! It stands for by-the-way! It's a common abbreviation when people send e-mails and use chat rooms. do you know any other of these new abbreviations? And BTW what have you been up to recently? lol!
I am intrigued by the abbreviation BTW, and desperate to know what that stands for. But someday someone will know what it means. I only know the abbreviation BMW. Oh well….

P.S.: Graham, it was a very touching and thoughtful move to stop writing to let the other people do it.

Friday, October 17, 2003

Hi Françoise! I totally agree with you that small towns are safer and more friendly. It's one of the distinct advantages they have over big cities. I don't think I'll want to live in a big city when I'm old - people have no patience with old people on public transport, for example. They push and barge their way to the front of the bus. It's very "dog-eat-dog". I remember a summer I spent in a village in the south of Catalonia, and it was easy to meet people, and even if you didn't hitch-hike down the road to the small town, people would still stop to give you a lift. that was the great thing, and the crime rate was zero. It was possible for anyone and everyone to walk around in the middle of the night without any problems. And I was fascinated because I could see the stars! In big cities, there's normally too much light pollution for you to be able to get a good look at the sky at night, but there, I was able to see satellites and shooting stars. I remember that some of us would spend a lot of time lying around on the roof at night, fascinated with the heavens. It sounds like you had a really good time in Caldas - I think it's really good to have a contrast, and to visit, even if you know you won't ever live in a place like that...

Thursday, October 16, 2003


Hello everyone!
I'm writing... Again! I'll talk now about books! Well, I really love them! We can learn so much and we can live new emotions.
Yesterday I started reading Pollyanna, of Eleanor Porter. I think that almost everyone here knows the history, has already read the book or seen the movie.
I'm almost finishing the book. It's so beautiful. Pollyanna really knows how to enchant people around her.
I recommend this book to everyone. It is worth reading ! Bye!
Hello Graham! How are you?
I'm sorry I didn't answer you before... I was traveling, and than we got back to our school.
Like we were talking, about small towns, during this vacations I went to one. Didn't I tell you about Caldas and Pocinhos? Well, I went there... For visiting my friends.
Caldas is a town that has about three thousand inhabitants, and Pocinhos may have five hundred. They are very small. So in Pocinhos we know many persons and even if we don't know each other, we end by meeting.
When I went to Caldas, I stayed at Suia's house (my friend). We used to wake up every morning at 9AM and since that time, there was about five or six friends hers. And they stay for the hole day! The door is open to everyone, since everyone know everyone. So it's cool sometimes to live in small cities because, night or day, we can meet friends and get out any time you want because we are safety. That's one thing that we can't find everywhere. For example, I live is Sao Paulo, that is a very big city. I get out all the time, my mother lets me free to go wherever I want, because she trusts me. I get out with my friends, I go to the cinema, ect but sometimes I feel that I'm not in safety. It can be day or night.
In Caldas, there's a friend of Suia, that his nickname is Buiu, and his real name is Fabiano. He knows everyone, he's friend of everyone, he is loved by everyone and he helps everyone.
I have never lived in a small town, but I know that it's very difficult. Not by experience (how could I have, if I have never lived is a small town), but by friends that live in a small town, and by you. Ashley, small town is better for old or stressed people, or even for people that have a small kid.
Young people have to live in big cities, where there are interesting things to do!
Hello Diegão! I saw this movie too, it's very good. I think that it shows us a sub-world we never thought that could exist. And a contradiction too: a thief who robs another thief; "ladrão que rouba ladrão tem cem anos de perdão" like we say in portuguese. It means that doing something wrong is not very bad, because another one have already done it too. It's a good movie.


Hi everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am back from holidays. It was much fun because Iwent to the movies with Felipe, Leonardo and Andres many times we saw the film “uma jogada de mestre “ I don’t know the name of it in English but Ii think it is something like A master played. Well , the story is about thief who wants to take his gold back from another thief. It's funny but after movies like Snatch and fight club this is crap. I have seen another film at Felipe’s house its called Run Lola Run. It's a German one and its very funny and interesting because it is the same story three times but with little different events .I think I will start writing more maybe on Tuesday or Wednesday. It will depend on the homework .
Hi Claudia! I'm English, but I've lived in Barcelona, Spain now for over nine years. I remember the view over the Bay of Naples - it was very impressive, and the lights glittering all over the city at night. The people too were very friendly, so I have happy memories of Naples, and I know I'll visit it again someday.
Hello Graham!!
Where are you from??I know Naples is a strange city...each quartier is different from the others, and it makes our city very great!
anyway I hope that it marked your heart in some way...above all for the sea ...


Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Hi Felipe! Nice guesses. Actually you were near the point - I was abducted (by the EWG -Extreme Workload Group). Then I took a weekend break due to my Dad's 70th birthday, and, although I wasn't captured by Beatles fanatics, I have been captivated by the Beatles anthology, which I've borrowed from my brother.

Anyway, I stopped writing to let somebody else have a go. I also have lots of students who have been writing weblogs. If you want to see what one group have been doing, you can see it here.

BTW (do you know what that stands for?) I visited Naples some time ago and was completely thrilled by it. I loved the city, and Pompei and Vesuvius are only a stone's throw away!
Hello Felipe!!
I think that also Sao paulo has to be a nice city...different from Naples.... ya!! For this reason I think that this project of cultural exchange is a good thing..we are Different but for some sides we're the same... are you in the same class of lina and the others??I would like to ask you a think:
how is life in your school?? I've read something about your school time by your posts... can you describe me minute by minute metre by metre your school??

see you soon

It seems very nice to live in Naples. Here in Sao Paulo the nearest beach is 70 kilometers away, so it is more difficult for us to go there. But on weekends that's what I usually do. What is not so good is that we don't have any mountains nearby to travel to: the city is IN the mountain. But that's life right? I can't change anything about that...

I wonder where graham is ...He isn't writing anymore. Was he abducted? Was he captured by Beatles fanatics? It is still a mystery...
hey, Max... about night we have also to remember to take attention to "serate pezzotte(Italian expression difficult to be translated in Eglish!!) eheheh!!!Like that at Dug Out!!!
isn't it??
answer soon....


Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Something about Naples

Hello Johanna!!!!!!!!!!!!
You have answered me very soon... thank you very much,also for the information about Sao Paulo!But now it's my turn. I want to tell you something about Naples. Naples is a wonderful city!. We are near to the sea so one day if it's very hot you can wake up, take a bus and in ten minutes you are on the beach, sunbathing and believe me, my class and I have several times done this little trip and it was fantastic, don't you think?But if you don't like the sea, you can also go to the mountain, where you can do a wonderful pic-nic surrounded by green and nature or you can walk around a city that is full of monuments and have an ice-cream, which is very good here. When you are in Naples and you're very hungry you have to do one thing:eat a pizza. The pizza in our city is not a simple food, but it's a tradition and a very important one. As you can see, I love my city very much. About the night, first I have to say that I love disco and disco-music very much, especially House(do you know?). The neapolitans are very warm people and so we like music, party,and every place where there is music and people 'cause we like stay together. What do you think about this?It's very nice that you answered me during break. I have only the time to have a I write my message at home like now oooops it's very late I have to sleep 'cause in these days I was not very well and I didn't go to school(yeaaaaaaaaah!!!!).I want to know what you think about our city so answer soon like this time
Bye Bye from Italy Massimo
hi guys!!
how are you??like massimo all us in the group are curious about your style of life, your traditions!!here we are bringing on a hard project... we wanna know everything is possible about your country, to have a good cultural exchange.Our class (1 a) is divided in several groups.
One for Brazilian music, an other for its history ,one for Brazilian V.I.P in Naples, and the last one (in which me , massimo and other friends work)For contacts with consulate.
We discovered last week that no Brazilian Consulate is here, in Naples, but some politic Men are able to help us to meet Lula(if possible, because maybe He could come here for a meeting with FAO) or some of his party leaders... wow... we're found of Brazil ..and you could help us in this work..
see you soon


Ps bye massimo ,come back soon to school!!!

São Paulo by Johanna

Hey Massimo. I´m Johanna, a student of the Lycee Pasteur in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
So...what can tell about my city...?Sao Paulo is a very good place to live in. It has everything we want ( museums, mall...), it is a very lively city, where a lot of things happen. The people who live in Sao Paulo are very friendly, very welcoming, and love to party!! During the day everyone work like hell, but when night comes everyone just goes on party all night long!! =)
Ahh! the bell just rang! I have to go to class!! Talk to you later!
Bye Bye =)


I live in São Paulo but I am from Buenos Aires(Argentina).
Anyway,I know much more about São Paulo,and I m going to talk about it.São Paulo is a very big city,with a lot of people on it.It´s very weird to live in such a big city,because it is impossible to know it well,there´s a lot to say about it but I ll write better in an other moment.


Hey Giuseppe!!
I'm Sarah, a student of Première L in the Lycée Pasteur in São Paulo, Brazil.
I'm 16 and am Franco-Brazilian and have been living in Brazil for the past 11 years.
I am also a newbie in Blog experiences....I have alot of friends who own Blogs, and I find it great to read, but I just don't have the patience to write everyday in one. But, as we say: "There's a first time for everything!".
We should talk, maybe we have somethings in common! I went to Naples once, for a day, and also to Florence and Porto Fino. But I don't really know Italy.
I'd love to go there again and do sight-seeing and tourism, because the little I have seen of Italy, I thought it was wonderful!

Buh Bye!!

Hello everybody

Hello guys!!!!!!
I'm Massimo, a friend of Claudia´s and only now I'm able to leave a long message on your site. In fact the first message that I left was in the message box somewhere......thanks to Bee, I have read the invitation in my mail and so I'm here if somebody wants to ask me something I'm ready to answer,I'm talking especially with boys there are some things about Italy that you can't ask to Claudia because she is a girl. I don't know, football for example, the Italian championship is full of Brazilian players but we can talk also about our music or about our style of life if they are similar or different. What you think?
And also I have many questions to ask to you,I think that the blog is a nice idea for me. It's great to keep in touch with students from Brasil so I want to know more about your city and I hope that someone will answer me very soon
Bye bye from Italy
I'm Giuseppe,I'm from Naples (Italy) and I'm 14. I would like to keep in touch with you and I'm sure that will be a very nice experience.

This is my first day in blogger,and I'm so happy!!!



Monday, October 06, 2003

Blackout in Italy/Spring Holidays

How are you guys?
Here in Italy last Sunday there was a national black out. It was so strange to be without light for lots of hours.... in fact everything became normal only at 4 pm (after 13 hours of darkness)..but in other parts of Italy (the northen part), light came back before....
When will you have your spring holidays?
We have them in March/April.... during December we'll have xmas holidays.....we have a very different time!!
answer me soon.....


guys, my school took a blogg : .Now there isn't much news..but in some weeks it will be like this one......we hope!!