Friday, October 24, 2003

Good morning Francoise!
How is it goin' there?
I'm quite good!
thanks for compliment, I'm learning English since I was 8 I think, at the elementary school, but I'm not bad at English cause I like it...I watch movies in English language since I was 10 and because of I love music, also English music, It helped me in learning English language!! And you, since when do you speak English!?
You must know that "one of" my dreams ( 'cause I'm also a great dreamer), linked to my love for traveling, is to attend an English university, in England I mean!But I know It's a little bit complicated (BUT It couldn't be a dream if it was a simple thing!)!
I don't know Who I will be in the future! Maybe also a piano player ( on cruising ships!) but not for much time of my life and not only it!
I would like to be a consul...Don't ask me why...I don't know! And you????
Are you sure of your future? =)
lots of hugs!