Tuesday, November 25, 2003

São Paulo

Hi....Well, about the city São Paulo , I love this city..Well, first I was born here so , I LOVE SP . It is first the most important city in Brazil..Soo we can imagine how it is powerful..It is a beautiful city ..And everybody may visit here.Cause almost everybody thinks that Brazil is just Rio de Janeiro.And it is not...So come and visit us everybody!!!! Bye...Amanda.

Monday, November 24, 2003

Hi Daniela!!!! I'm Renata!!! Well, to answer you...have you seen the site that I indicated Friday?? Well, this site talks about São Paulo.....just to have an idea you know?? So, have a look and tells me what do you think!!!!! I hope you answer me soon!!! Bye!!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2003

Hello everybody!
It’s the first time I write on bee online, for these subjects.
I’m not Brazilian, but I looooooooooooove a lot São Paulo, because it’s a city who never sleeps, we can do a lot of things and it’s a city were you find a lot of people of many cultures and places, and we have a nice life. But São Paulo has a big and, common problem of the big Latin-American towns, the contrast of the rich and the poor people. I think the parody of the film The Matrix, The Meatrix, is a good idea for the young people like us think about this big problem, and I say, WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT!!!!!


Hello everybody...SORRy for have never written here before...About the site The Meatrix , parody from the movie the Matrix , I like it a a lot , it was very funny .... But I think that it is a serious problem...Cause man and his factories are polluting more and more the environment , killing animals and provoking diseases...So everybody has to do something to change this situation , cause we have to think about the future generations and the consequences that they will suffer ... That's all , see you....Amanda

Saturday, November 22, 2003

Yesterday I had some problems with the photos, let me know if now you can see our photos :-)

Friday, November 21, 2003

Paul, click here to go to the site with the exercises of Meatrix!!!!
As Caro I haven't been on Bee online for a long time!!!!! But I came but in the time!!!! heheheheee!!! Well, I love São Paulo and I didn't live somewhere else.... Well I found an interesting site about a trip in São Paulo: it's Evelyn Ko's vision of this lovely city!!!! Have a look and you will know more about São Paulo mainly those who didn't know São Paulo ;-))

Thursday, November 20, 2003

well.. I've been too far from here all this time but I'm back to join the group! =)...
As I could notice, people are talking about Sao Paulo. I'm Brazilian and as a patriot, I LOVEEEE Sao Paulo. I can't imagine myself living somewhere else! It would be too strange for me! But like all the big cities, it has its problems : pollution, violence, traffic... But even with all these problems I love my city 'cause I know that somewhere else it would be the same thing, maybe not as polluted, as violent as Sao Paulo is, but these problems will always exist... unfortunately! =(...
hum, that's all for today! I hope someone will answer me! =) kisses kisses...
bye bye
I am not a Brazilian but I looooooooooooooooooove Sao Paulo. The people are so nice, we feel so comfortable here. Even if all my freinds live very far from my house exept one and that in my street, there was 5 agressions in one week (just once because the guys got caught by the police) so my parents never let me go out alone. I understand them, I don't want to be agressed. There aren't so much agressions in Sao Paulo but I live next to a Favella that's why.
I tried to find some photos of Sao Paulo but I didn't find any good ones.
I'll try to find some more.....
I saw the Meatrix again. Does anyone remember the site with the exercices? I would like to continue them.
Baixo, I don't really know an answer to your question. It is too hard to know. I think it is yes and no but I can't find any arguments.
That's all
Of course our city is a very nice place to live but we can not forget what is happening all around us because if we don t pay attention to it will become much more horrible .And Lina I never said that our city is awful place to live I have just told him the truth I agree with you that our city have beautiful places a lovely people but we have to admit to that some places are ugly and all kind of illegal thing happens here in Sao Paulo because it his so big
If you think that Naples is made only of wonderful landscapes you're very far from the truth. Naples is a wonderful city but as all the cities has a dark side: pollution, criminality, traffic, disreputable districts...
Hello! Well, I 'd like to say that I don't agree with Lou and Diego. THey way they talk about Sao Paulo make it looks an awful place to live! Ok, maybe Sao Paulo isn't the perfect place to live but it isn't the worst neither! Every city has a bad side, with pollution, violence, etc. but our city is not horrible, and it is not only composed by big buildings. We have wonderful places, beautiful parks, nice houses and buildings, places to visit and entretainement. And the people, I must agree with Lou, are just great. Really, it isn't because I'm Brazilian I'm saying that, but the people here make you feel much comfortable. It's hard to find a place with such a great people, like here in Sao Paulo.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Sorry I am late

Men I won t say the time since my last letter, cuz it is so long. I have lost many subjects like death penalty, the meatrix, and the list go on and on. But now I am back and I come with a new subject that for me it is very interesting, is US of great help and need for the world?
Well that is a cool and polemic subject but like religion we are not here to make a conclusion we are here to talk and understand the opinion of the others.

BTW Walter I have to repeat like the others did ur the photos that u have taken are fantastic. And like Diego said ur city must be very old does many things changes along the year? cuz here in Brazil we don t stop changing and evolving.

Hey guys answer me bye.
Well, I could give you some pictures of Sao Paulo but it would be useless because you would only see a bunch of buildings, skyscrapers and that kind of stuff....So you would think our city is horrible, which might be true, but anyway, it's a wonderful place to live!
Even if it's ugly, poluted, violent and even more, the people are so nice, so sociable and it is so lively, there are so much things to do that we end up forgetting the negative points.
That's all!
I would like veey much to see some photos of your city/cities, why don't you showme someone? Bye :-)
Hi everyone
Walter your picture is great nice town Naples
Our city Sao Paulo is not so beautiful but we have nice places too in the center but i live far from it. She is a big city I think that Naples is a quarter of her so what can we do and she has only 450 years of history so she is quite young yours must be an old one .I love her anyway because there is a lot to do and you always discover new places and this is all about her magic.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003


Walter the photos are really great.. I loved it... your city is very beautiful.. hehe...

Well.. I saw the meatrix and I found it very funny. However it is sad too because I like meat very much, in fact beef is my favorite dish (after pasta.. hihi) so I won't be happy if it really happens... = (

That's it.. bye
I saw meatrix, very interesting... I hope that in future we wont see something similar to this movie, also if I think that probably nowadays things are not very different from this orrible future :-(.
I'm very happy that you appreciated the photos, if I'll find someone else I will show you. Bye :-)


Hi! I'm Elios, another student of Mrs Mauro! Yes, onestly our city is great, and also we are great!!! lol
Why don't you post some photoes of your city? Napoli isn't the only beautiful city (also if it is the best ;-)
Hi everyone,

Those pictures are just great Walter!! Your city is very beutiful. I would love to see it.
Did anyone else go see the meatrix? I liked it it is quite true and might be what will happen in some time, maybe not so exagerated though.... I agree with Diego, both movies have a lot in common. Allthough all this is true, I will never stop eating meat because I love it!!!
That's all

Monday, November 17, 2003

Hello Walter! I'm Lina and I'm 15. Wow! Your city is just fabulous! In fact, the whole Italy must be great! I hope I go there someday! Who knows? hehe... The pictures are just great! You're lucky that you can see all those beautiful views everyday!

the meatrix

Hi everyone
Sorry to get out of the death penalty subject...
This site is great because it shows all my brothers (he is a vegetarian) ideals in a resumes I will show it to him. I agree totally with it but for me stopping to eat meat is too hard and know that meat factories are assuming control the traditional farms food is becoming more expensive. But I think that the movies matrix and the meatrix have a lot in common. What is happening now humans are using animals to survive matrix shows it when machines will use humans to survive.
Visit it


Some photos of Naples

Hello guys!!! I'm Walter, a student of MariaPia Mauro. I found some photos of my city... let me know if you like them. Bye

Maschio Angioino castle

Vesuvius and seaside

Castel dell'Ovo

Naples by night

Umberto Gallery Ceiling

Plebiscito square

Sunday, November 16, 2003

Hello folkes!
Well, talking about death penalty, I liked Lou's idea too about choice. When remember when I said that we shouldn't agree with death penalty? Well, I'm sort of changing my mind. Have people heard on the radios or watched on tv what happenned this last few days? About the couple of teenagers who travelled without telling their parents and two days after they were found both dead? The boys was shot in his neck, and the girl was raped and then murdered too.... In an awful way... The killers were found, but they didn't show much of repentance. In fact , they were very cld. And they killed them both without any reason. After this, I think taht we should adopt that system, not for everyone, but for cases like these one, we should think more about.

Brasil is odd.

Today, the brasil has not won of Peru but he won all this games. I thing that the referee cheated because they was a lot of error of arbitation like the penalty refused during the match. I thing too that Dida isn't a good goalkeeper. I thing that Parreira has to put Rogerio Ceni or in the case extreme Marcos!
What do you thing?

Friday, November 14, 2003

Hello guys..!!

Death penalty

Well... I am totally against death penalty. If we kill people we are doing a crime too. However, I thought the idea of choice (like Lou said) was good but what will be the choices for the criminals?? Stay in prison or be killed??? well I think that stay in prison should be replaced by life imprisonment, because if not when they will let go the criminals out of the prison they will start again to kill people and so on....

That's it!!
Teacher, I think matrix is a nice movie, and quite creative. The directors of matrix must have been drunk when they made up this idea: Machines controlling the world and using us as power plants, putting us in an eternal dream! Very creative!
I wish I could do what neo does… it would be funny. I would be like an extra small super man.

Well, I ran out of ideas… Good bye every one!

The Meatrix

Dear All,

A colleague has just suggested this link which I would like to share with you. Have a look and tell me what your ideas on the subject are :-)


I would appreciate your comments

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Death penalty

death penalty a choice?? I've never though about it but the more I do, the more I like it... really not a bad idea. Well, I agree with.. heu.. everyone!! hehehehe.. of couse death penalty is cruel and in a democratic world it shouldn't exist but do they give us a choice? I mean, I' m not saying will should kill all the criminals just the excreme cases. Of the 875 prisoners executed in the United States in modern times, not one has been retroactively proved innocent! isn't that a good news?

"If we execute murderers and there is in fact no deterrent effect, we have killed a bunch of murderers. If we fail to execute murderers, and doing so would in fact have deterred other murders, we have allowed the killing of a bunch of innocent victims. I would much rather risk the former. This, to me, is not a tough call."

John McAdams - Marquette University/Department of Political Science, on deterrence

The vedetta?? Man I'm a brazilian and I never hurd of it!! Talk about culture!! hehehe.
Well I think that's all for today guys I'll leave you to your thinking...
See ya,


P.S: Look Diego, you have it all right so don't piss me of or I'll have you killed! Capisco??
Hi everyone,
Chico, I wasn't saying there weren't any high security jails in Brazil, but that Brazil would have to build more.
But, Claudia, I really think a real bad criminal can not change and will always be worse after being imprisoned.
In the south of Brazil, there is something called vendetta, it means if you killed my brother or someone else in my family, I should kill you. That's the cause of so many murders in that region. If we killed a criminal from there, his whole family would come for the Vendetta, so it is better to have a jail.
Death penalty being a choice is quite a good idea.
hi everyone
Death penalty must be used against people that we are completely sure that they are guilty because if not we may kill innocent people. The problem with jail for life is that you have to continue to feed and accommodate the prisoner and I don't went that my taxes goes to a band of serial killers or corrupted politicians I went it on education to avoid those kind of people so for me death penalty is the best solution .Of course it shall not be cruel like the electric chair I think the better is to shoot or to give a massif dose of morphine.
Hi everybody!
I think that death penalty does not work the pain. In instead of that, all the prisoners should work and stay on prison for the rest of their lifes. The death penalty should be a choice. For example, I'm sure that a prison must be horrible. Who wants to live there forever? That's a choice... The prisoner will choose between live there suffering or die.
But the death penalty should exist just for extreme causes, like serial killers and others.
The reason why I don't agree with the idea of the death penalty is that because sometimes the persons have a problem and there are other times that an innocent person dies and the culprit is anywhere, not in prison.
We don't even have to chance to repent, because there isn't an option. Only the death.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Hi everybody,
I think that death penalty have to exist in Brazil because if you just put the criminals in jail when they go out they will continue killing so if they die they will not be able to kill anybody again.

Paul, in Brazil we had already had very high security jails, but - just like you sad - the policemen who are supposed to be there, accept money. They're corrupt. And, when criminals are liberated, when they can see the sun again, they're minds are different, they passed by a very big change when they were in the jail, and sometimes they are more violent because of what they lived there. So the violence is going on and on, an hardly, an it's growing up. something has to be done in this system, but now I don't see any solution.
after many days I'm again here...sorry guys!!!

BTW I read about the new topic..yeah...penality death.
I agree with who says that killing criminals we become like them!! it's true...
I know that some offences are too big for the prison (rapes, crimes on children, terrorism..-the list is long!!-)
but I believe in repentance .
I know, there are some persons that are bad, think in a bad way and don't want to change...but maybe some others want this change of mind...

so. killing them we delete the possibility to change them in better..is it right??

NOTHING is impossible if you want it...so no penality death!!in a democratic country can't exist this kind of punishment!
I'm still completely for death penalty but, what Lou said is completely right. trying to stop violence by more violence isn't very sensed.
The idea of "eternal jail" that Lina gave isn't too bad, it even sounds great!!!
I don't know who in the Brazilian Government would do it though.....
The only problem with your idea Lina, is where will the government find enough money to build very high security jails and how do you know where to find policemen that are not too easily to corrupt? I'm not saying that only brazilians are corrupted but man in general likes money and the more he gets, the better. That's the problem. Anyway, every system has a problem and they soon will find a way to evade themselves.
Death penalty's problem is that they sometimes kill innocent people. Nothing is perfect..........
That's all
Dear Paula! You're welcome!! hehe you see, how many good ideas you can give to us to discuss?!! hehe... well talking about death penalty, I think that we cannot accept it. We know that you can't take somebody'slife and through it away, like many serial killers do. So why do the same with them? I think that the Brazilian gouvernemenr should approve the "eternal jail", well, you know what I mean.... That would much better, cause then there's going to have less deaths, and less killers outside. But then it would have to build more prisons buildings, with the maximium security.
Hi everyone
I agree with u Paula bot as I said death penalty must not be only used against serial killers but kinds of corrupted politicians or judges because they are what make our law and they are one of the first kind of people to violate her. I think to let decide the criminal if he went to live or not is not a good idea because they will prefer to live in the hope that some day a lawyer can get them out of jail so for me death penalty is better and quicker. Some times in country that have a dirty justice powerful mans can get out of prison easily even if they are condemned to life.
That’s all for today
Paula I am afraid that you are serial killer....

Tuesday, November 11, 2003


Oh look you guys took my idea!!! THANKS!!! LOVE YA!!! Well, for or againts death penalty?? is's really hard to say.. I guess I'm for. I mean, you kill, you get killed.. doesn't seem logic? Of couse, I not saying we should kill everyone that kills, I'm just saying that it seems fair?! I think Lou has a point there.. if we kill them, becouse they killed, we are doing exacly the same thing... but isn't it justice? Of couse, the religious people will say that we aren't God so we don't have the right to take anyones lifes and bla bla bla but face it... a lot of people aren't religious anymore! And let's see the praticle side... if we kill the criminals (not all of them.. just the really bad ones!! I'm no serial killer, don't worry!!!) we wont have to built more prisons... so we won't have to spend money on it... I mean.. they kill and and we still have to pay them there food?? How lame is that?!!
Well that my point of view... what about yours??
Bye bye guys!!

I think that we should leave those people the choice to decide if they want to die or not. It might seem silly but most of them will prefer to die then to spend all their lifes in jail. Whereas, others will always prefer life. The act of the death penalty is cruel, in my opinion, you might justify it saying that the person is evil, that she is bad but the thing is, you're still killing someone!!So you're not doing anything better then they are! How do you want to tell those criminals that killing someone is bad and that they cannot do it if on the other side, you kill them? You can't forbid somebody to do something if you do it too...I know it's a bit confused and hard to understand but that's my point of vue...
That's all then!
I'm almost totally in agreement with Diego. I just think that the thing he said on corrupt politicians is too stong. They just need jail for life. I think that death penalty is maybe too stong but, I think that some people in the U.S. that are in jail for 5005 years is even worse. There was a case not so long ago of a serial killer that killed 48 women and has to stay in jail for 5005 years. Like if a human could stay that long!!! Anyway, I believe he should get death penalty. I agree he is having a very long death but a quick fast electric chair would be better I think.
That's all

i will finish it

Hi everyone
This subject is getting boring for everyone so I will try to change it. So I think that Paula's idea is great why don't we talk about the death penalty. I am in favor of it under some conditions if per example a serial killer is released and he continue to kill or to do illegal things he shall be killed but first we have to be certain that he made all the crimes .Two: death penalty must be used against all big drogue dealers. Because in Brazil they go to jail but they continue to operate from it and this for me is revolting. And of course all corrupt politician man or judge must at least get jail to life but the best would be to kill them. Human needs always an example. Because here in Brazil there are a lot of them and one of things that anger me the most riche people steeling our public money to get richer.

Monday, November 10, 2003

Hi I know that teh subject about religion is getting boring and everyone is getting annoyed with it, but I am just going to answer Kathu. Well, Kathu, I don't started believing in God just when I 'v passed by difficult situations, I started believe in Him since I was littel, by influence of my parents. Even when I am happy or when I'm sad, I always believes in Him, no matter what (wow, that's was deep). Well that's all

Sunday, November 09, 2003


First of all, hey Catu!!! So you like spiritism?? Well, welcome to the club!! lol
So, everybodu thinks this subject is getting boring... ok than, let's find a nother one... who can think about something else to talk about? I don't know, about a nice film, or maybe about a cool book... or do you guys like things more "philosophic" or polimic? I meen, there's many stuff we can talk about... for or against death penalty, etc...? I don't know.. any thing. Weel, waiting for your ideas and hopipng there're gonna bee better then mines....
Hi Everyone:

I agree with Leonardo, this subject is getting BORING!!!! It's been almost three weeks on the same subject!!!!!!!!!!! The only problem is that I can't think of anything else to talk about so I'll continue.
Religion has as much positive and negative points. It is great, but at the same time bad. That's why everyone has a different opinion.
Religion might be the most discussed subject on earth because of it's complexes.
Sara I am Stephan and in my school I don´t remember of any religion problem, I am catholic and I am not against other religion, I accept the person just like they are, that what I think that you have to try to do accept the others just like they are.
Bye Bye

Saturday, November 08, 2003

How are you,guys?!
I'm not very happy because I had bad marks at school :( Anyway I knew guys on blogspot at school!!! It is very funny!!
Thanks to all.


Simona wants to answer to Diego, She says:
If you think that religion can be dangerous, you kept in touch with the worst aspect of it!
you should know that religion can also teach love and respect and tollerance!
Also Anna has the idea that with religion person can be better! So It isn't a bad thing! But she thinks that it's useless talking and discussing about religion for a so long time 'cause everybody has different opinions and nobody can be sure that he is right! so she proposes to stop this conversation!
Francesco:< I don't belive in any religion cause it causes negative behaviour and MAN is not free to live and think without restriction!
Sara: (first of all hello Francois, haw are you? I'm sorry I didn't write for a long time but my computer was out!!! see u!) I think that everybody should have his own religion cause people need to trust in something to be a better person and to live in a better way! Now let's discuss about something new!
We all propose to discuss about this question: do you really believe that your dreams will come true????
There's a beautiful Shakespeare's quotation: [we are made of the same material of our dreams...], so LET'S DREAM!!!!!
We dream to meet new people, to keep in touch with boys and girls who live so far from here...and also to MEET YOU!!!!!
Let's talk about the possibility you visit us or to visit you!
We can give you hospitality...so we are carrying on exchanging news about our countries!!!!!!
mY class is made of 20 students and everybody would like to see you all and to dance SAMBA!!!
Hugs from Naples!
I'm Sara and I'm with my friends in the computers' room!
We would like to tell you our opinion about religion!
We always are in contrast when we discuss about this subject...we are not all Catholic, so we have different opinion!
Well, it's a long discussion but like my friends said: we are going anywhere with the religion discussion!!! I'm catholic because my mother baptisted me and I made the first communion (the same thing as Kathu said). I was 9 years old and I didn't understand any word that the woman said to me and my friends!!!! My mum is religious but I'm not. I believe in God and I didn't pray every day. There a saint called "Mãe três vezes admirável de Schoenstatt" who "visit" my family every month. ThGermanman saint "visit" many families. I believe more is this saint than God.
Even if I believe in God, I believe the spiritisme as Leonardo and Paula. The spiritisme has saved my grand father!! Everybody believes in God in my class but I know that most of my friends really pray when he needs!! Am I wrong??

Friday, November 07, 2003

Well Kathu, I agree with you.
My mum always said to me : " O que seria do azul c td mundo gostasse do preto". This is a popular sentence that means we all have different opinions in all kinds of subjects. And religion is a hard topic to discuss because which religion has its ideals, its believes and like everyone said it will be hard to get to a conclusion.
Well.. I really believe in God and I pray every night... There is only one thing that I don't believe: Eve and Adam.... How could they exist before the dinosaurs?
That's it..
Hey Leo and Paula!
I really admire the spiritism, but my mother baptisted me in a catholic church, she made me do the first communion and now, I do believe in God because of all that.. My mum use to say that people only start believing in God when things are going in the bad way, I DON'T AGREE WITH THAT! It will astonish me if Lina says she believes in God because she passed a difficult situation.. But I also think that everybody have different opinion about things, that's why I think Leo has a point in this thing about religion, we're not going anywhere speaking about it... I think that you (who is reading) have different opinions comparing to me, and that's the way is our world, if everybody had the same ideas and opinions, it would be horrible, that's why I agree when Boucherez says: "Don't be in shame of being the minority"! =D
See you!

Thursday, November 06, 2003

Stop!!!!!!!!!! be reasonable stop

Guys you all don t understand, all the stuff about religion may not exist like Chico said but I think that if this "religion" "created by the church" helps people at work at home and at love, lets respect it, or you have something against it?

Look we have 3 religions here trying to get a conclusion, but wake up it is impossible, each religion date for more than a hundred years and I don t think that boys and girls of 15 years old will change all these religion in order to get to a conclusion.

So guys please stop ok stop!!! This subject is getting boring please.

BTW Paula that is nice I thought that I was the unique spirit in whole school. Do you believe in what they say, because I don t believe in all the theories of the spiritisme, however it is a good religion like any other.
Ok, religions may be causes of many wars, but when God created them, He didn't want them to be reasons and causes of war! It all depends on man! As I said before, I do believe in God, I really do, and I admit that it's hard to explain His existence, how He showed up and everything. But these are things that I prefer not to think of. First, because, it drives me confused, and then you finish by thinking things that, in some way, you shouldn't think (in my opinion). This is something that, neither Science nor Physics can explain. It is about something that when you believe makes you feel better. When you believe in God, you know that He is watching you, watching every small step you make. And if bad things happen, you must know that God knows what He's doing. And, there is something that I agree with Paula, it's that God gives us the chance to choose the way we want to tread. He gives us the religion as an instruction, but we can decide what we want to do about our lives.

I think that the question of God will never be cleared by man because then there won't be anything else to find out and motivations will dissapear.
Most of the past wars were based on religion though most of the remaining religions like Catholicism, Muslim and Jewish are passive ones. It is written in the saint books that you are not supposed to be violent or agressive towards others. However, men still use religion as a pretext to start a war. That's crazy!!!!!!
I don't have anything to say on this subject anymore. All my arguments just disappeared.
Chico I am supposed to be catholic too but I don´t pray, I don´t go to any church, I think we just say that we are catholic but we aren´t like the way they say, and what is the matter of beeing or not catholic, we are all men and women.


Well, I know it's been a while I don't write in here, but now I swear I'm back for real! =)... First of all, HELLO CLAUDIA! My name's Katherina, I'm 15 and I'm in the same class of almost everybody here, in São Paulo - Brazil!.. I really love this country, may be because it is MY country lol.. but I love knowing other cultures and/or country, and from the little I know about Italy, I think it's a very charmous country, do you recommend it?! ;)...
Hmm.. talking about religion... I'm catholic, I pray everyday at night, but I can't stop thinking if God really exists, the question that always "knock on my door" lol.. is : If there's a God, who invented HIM?!?!... There are some questions that humans can't answer yet, I just hope someday they'll be able to, 'cause living without knowing why and where we're going to arrive, is horrible!!
Better go know, I'm becoming to pensative!! hihi..

Philosophic matters

Hello everybody,
It’s my first time here in the beeonline and I find it very interesting... The “religious” question is something that we will never find out I guess. Is there a God? Who knows... Who can be sure that He does really exist? But who can be sure of the contrary?
I don’t aggree with Lina nor Diego... I think that what influences us isn’t peoples religion and it really shouldn’t. The human specie is the only one born with his self consciousness and free will. The things we do, or do not, are the concequences of our acts and don’t, in any way, intefere in “Gods will”. The religion doesn’t help people to be good persons ( or are you telling me that all the murderers don’t belive in God?) it depends on us, and us only, to decide that because what defines us are the things we do and not in what we believe in. And the religion isn’t in any way dangerous. Of couse, religion made people do things that are “dangerous” but it isn’t the reliogion it self that is “dangerous” but the way that man interprets it. I, personally, belive in God. Of course, it’s dificult to belive in but I do. I’m not saying that He existes, because maybe He doesn’t, I just saying that, some times, it’s good to think that some place, somebody is watching over me and really cares. In the other hand, Chico has a point, maybe human beings invented God to explain things they din’t unedestand... but, after all this time, and all the things we discovered, religion still persists... isn’t THAT strange?
Hell, I think I wrote to much but I love talking about these stuff...
See ya soon...

P.S: Hey Leonardo (Baixo), guess what? I’m “spiritist” to!! hehehehe
Hi everyone
I agree with you Lina religion can help someone to live but I want to remember you that the war of today in Israel and Palestine is something small compared to the 8 crusades created by the church to free the same place. Djhiads were the defense that Muslim had against those crusade as you one religion war brings another one and seriously imagine if there were no religion the middle east question would be resolve much more easier. But as Leonardo this discussion will bring us no were and we will probably not change our opinions.
Teacher, I have some problems with your marks and the pages on internet.

Seeing my connection in internet on my house, the only place where can enter on this important pages are in the school. But in this GREAT school it is not permitted to enter on our blogger, so the only solution is to go in informatics' room, but I have an access in this place just with you teacher. So teacher, I thing that for me, internet is not a good place to work.

You know what? I'm supposed to be catholic, but I don't believe it. I think that God was created by man for explain what they could not explain. So when we have a new discover on science, God get smaller, because a new thing was explained, you see?!
Hello everyone, I am in English class, in the computer lab and I have to fill a questionnaire about technology, isn't that fun? I think I will be able to do it... Did you know that DVD doesn't stand for anything? (At least that's what I found out...) Am I right? Or am I wrong? Oh gosh...

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Hello Vance! My name's Lina and I'm 15. Well, I read your message, and I agree with you when you say that religion doesn't make you a better person, but it helps! So, what Muslim country are you living in? Are living there because you wanted to, or because you had to (for work, etc...)?
And I don't agree with Diego when he says that religion is a dangerous thing for the human kind. In fact, I think that religion helps man to find the good way. I know that the war we are having now has a little bit to do with religion, but this is not the only reason we are having the war. So I think religion is a good thing, it helps you to find your way, and not to be lost.


Men you all are talking about God. My religion is called spirit because I believe that earth it is some kind of first step to the evolution of human being. I am not here to influence nobody; however this is a good question to talk about but the problem it that this subject is too polemic so we are never going to get a conclusion from it.

BTW Claudia what kind of question do the philosophy teacher asks? I would like to know.
I'm supposed to be a Catholic but, the more I think about religion, the more I think it is impossible.
The only thing I don't understand is that how could so many people write almost the same thing if it is not real??
This really confuses me.
I read "a mulher que escreveu a bíblia" too, and that's what made me doubt religion.
Hello Sara!
Where are you??
Hi Claudia!
In our school , we don't study religions. However, there are a lot of religions. In our class, we have Lina who is a Muslim, and I'm not a Catholic.
And there are a lot of Jewish people but the majority is Catholic, I think...

religions 2

Hi Claudia !
Brazil is a Catholic country but other religions are present as well, like Muslim and Jewish.
In our class we have all sort of religions: catholics, muslims and jews but I think that most of the class is atheist but I am not sure of that. We do not study religion at school .
Like Laurent, I don't believe in the God of the Bible. I think that it is just the imagination of the people that made the stories of the Bible. But who believes in it, has the rights to do so.
I read one day a book named A mulher que escreveu a Biblia. It's an uninteresting book about a woman who writes the Bible, an order from a king. Reading the book I had a new vision of the Bible... Not that it was written by a woman, but that its stories were invented.
And the history about Adam and Eve. If they were white persons, why are there black people? Where did they come from? And if they were the first persons on Earth, what about monkeys becoming men? Who can prove who is wrong? What if the theory about Adam and Eve is right? What if the theory about the monkeys is right?
All those theories confuse the people, so we don't know what to believe in...

Tuesday, November 04, 2003


I didn't think that this subjet could be so interesting...
First of all...is your country a catholic, muslim (etc etc) one??
IN ROME we have "città del Vaticano" , where Pope and the most important religious persons live.. anyway Italy ia is a lay country but very linked to Catholic religion...brazil?

In my class nobody prays for other religion...we're all catholic and there are some atheists..
And in yours? Do you study religion at school?

answer me..and thanks!!

Hi everyone,

Speaking about religions, I am a christian, but I don't really believe in God.
I think that if there is a God, he must have left us to ourselves a long time ago. I've heard someone say : ''god created men and to thank him, men created God. That's what I believe.
That's all


My mother believes in God but I don't I believe in a God like all the religions present him. I do not have my own god either and as I think god is something unknown, I prefer not to relate it to any names or prophets or religions. Religion for me is something dangerous for humankind because a lot of wars were caused by them so for me religion shall be something private or in small communities.
I am a Christian living in a Muslim country. I am not particularly religious but you would not want to say here that you did not believe in God. It is best not to discuss religion here, and fortunately this is a peaceful and comfortable country so it is not necessary to discuss religion. I have brought my children up in Muslim countries and I feel there has been a good environment for them in this part of the world. I don't really feel that religion is necessary to be a good person, and many use it as an excuse to do bad things. I think religion is a good thing if it helps the individual to be a better person and respect others and their religions or beliefs.

Monday, November 03, 2003

Hello Claudia! Well, answering your question, well, I am a Muslim, I do believe in God. I pray everyday when I am in bed, or when I am in the car going to school. I am not a big religious person, but I do pray 5 times a day (well, when I remember, and this month I am celebrating the Ramandan, a month during which I can't eat the whole day, even drink water... Only at night I can eat. And I do it, even if it is very hard. I hate when people say "oh how ridiculous, why do you do that?!" Well, I do it cause I believe in God, and if He asked us (Muslims) to do it I will do it. I don't follow exactly all the Muslim traditions, but I try to do my best. I know that following his "orders", I will be rewarded later. Maybe not when I'm alive, but I will. And for those who don't believe in Him, well, I respect their thoughts, but I still think they're wrong .
Hi, I am a catholic to and I never pray, I think that it is good to beleive in god because you can talk to him anytime, everywhere, but I don´t believe that god creates the world, this is something create by humanity to justifie our existence.

Sunday, November 02, 2003

Well, I, see you're talking about God...I am a Catholic but I don't practise so I don't know if I'm still considered a religious person...actually I used to pray everyday but it was a long time ago....I was like 8 or 9 and I had to pray in the morning and at night....now, I even forgot the prays so....but I still think that God exists...I know that if you think carefully about it, it seems impossible and science can prove it...but anyway, I need to believe in it....it's important for me to think that there's someone who really cares for me and to whom I can talk anytime.....
that's all then!

My beliefs

Hello Claudia, I'm Laurent, a Belgian boy living in Brazil. I don't believe in God like the Bible describes him, but I believe in a superior force, a force that directs the universe.


Hiii Claudia ...
I believe in God ... in fact I am religious because of my grand mother ... she does lots of projects for her church ... And she always tells me to go to the church every Sunday ... but this year I can't go every week, I go rarely ...
But I think that the attitude of praying every day is enough, going the church is a complement.
Well ... That's it ...

My believes

Well..hello Claudia my name is Caroline.. But there are two Carolines..so you can call me nahas.... hehehe.. like everybody does....
Well. If you wanna know..I don't believe in God, I just believe that there is a force that created the earth and the other planets.. that's all... I don't follow the "rules" of my religion, because, well, first nobody at home is religious, and second because I don't believe in this kind of things...
That's all.... Byee..kisses....
In Italy Halloween is not a real tradition...we organize parties, music that make us afraid, but just to have moment to stay together.
For us 1st and 2nd of November are religious days . In fact we remember all the saints and all our friends and relatives dead... it's sad, i know!!

Guys do you believe in God...? what is your relationship with religion? In what do you believe?

Hello lise...welcome!!I'm Claudia I'm 15 and I attend the 3rd year of liceo Garibaldi in Naples.

first wrote on beeonline

Hello everybody, my name is Lisa, I'm 16 years old and I am a new student at the Lycée Pasteur (that's the reason why I never wrote here before) Now I have a blog - the address is http://lisekern.blogspot.com and I find that that it's cool to have one. I don't know many people all over the world so I hope to meet some here...
well, that's all for today,
Big kisses

Saturday, November 01, 2003


Hi Claudia....
How you said we are using the water in a very bad way.. we are wasting it a lot...
Here, in Brazil, we had another "apagão" (blackout) like last year. Because here it is the water that produces the energy all over our country. So as we are wasting the water, many people have their energy cut half a day....
I hope that it doesn't continue for very long...
That's it!!


Hi everyone...

Well... As Felipe said, here in Brazil we don't have a big celebration (like we always see in American films) ... just kids who wear funny and scaring clothes..hihi..

Where I live, in a building, kids go up and down and visit all the floors to say the famous sentence "Trick or Treat".. I don't know if the spelling is right....anyway... so my mum always keeps some sweets to give to them...hehe...

See you...