Sunday, October 26, 2003

Hi Francoise!

Sorry for late but my computer was out!
I' ve been in England the last year with my English teacher, Mrs Mauro, and some classmates of mine...England is fantastic but I like much more little town than London; London is too big and chaotic, while there are some little country full of nice colored houses, big gardens, old castles like AROUNDELcastle (If I'm not wrong!). I would like to live in a place like this!
About music I totally agree with you...sometimes beautiful songs say horrible things...I think It's not right, stupid people shouldn't use this fantastic thing talking about stupid subjects! for example do u know Eminem, the rapper! His music is not bad but he says only bad words, injuries against his family, against homosexuals, blacks!My God!
Also I really like learning new languages, I know also a bit of French language...but I would like to learn Hispanol!
Sorry, I gotta go!
I'll write again soon!
Waiting for your answer,