Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Hi Francois, I'm really happy for your answer...great!!!You're in Brazil!!
Well I'm 16 too, but I will be 17 soon, on the 2nd of December!!I attend the Lyceum Garibaldi and I'm Mrs Mauro's student...
I love my country, I think It's one of the most beautiful place in the world but I love traveling and I'm sure I'll discover other fantastic places...I think Brazil is one of them!
Then what I really like as much as my life ('cause I'm sure that I would not live without it!) is the music!!! Music in general, music as everything that It's not the silent but music...I play piano and believe me, I feel good only touching some keys of it!
Do you like music, too?
sorry I gotta go,
I'll write you again soon,
talk with me about whatever you want!!!!!And we will know each other!
sweet kisses