Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Hello everybody

Hello guys!!!!!!
I'm Massimo, a friend of Claudia´s and only now I'm able to leave a long message on your site. In fact the first message that I left was in the message box somewhere......thanks to Bee, I have read the invitation in my mail and so I'm here if somebody wants to ask me something I'm ready to answer,I'm talking especially with boys there are some things about Italy that you can't ask to Claudia because she is a girl. I don't know, football for example, the Italian championship is full of Brazilian players but we can talk also about our music or about our style of life if they are similar or different. What you think?
And also I have many questions to ask to you,I think that the blog is a nice idea for me. It's great to keep in touch with students from Brasil so I want to know more about your city and I hope that someone will answer me very soon
Bye bye from Italy