Tuesday, October 14, 2003

hi guys!!
how are you??like massimo all us in the group are curious about your style of life, your traditions!!here we are bringing on a hard project... we wanna know everything is possible about your country, to have a good cultural exchange.Our class (1 a) is divided in several groups.
One for Brazilian music, an other for its history ,one for Brazilian V.I.P in Naples, and the last one (in which me , massimo and other friends work)For contacts with consulate.
We discovered last week that no Brazilian Consulate is here, in Naples, but some politic Men are able to help us to meet Lula(if possible, because maybe He could come here for a meeting with FAO) or some of his party leaders... wow... we're found of Brazil ..and you could help us in this work..
see you soon


Ps bye massimo ,come back soon to school!!!