Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Hello Sara! How are you?
Well, first, my name is Francoise! =) I'm a girl...
So, you're a sagitarian girl. Our birthdays are next, 'cause I do on December 29th.
I don't know who's Mrs Mauro. What's her first name?
Like you, I really love traveling. Almost all the week-ends I go travel somewhere. It can be with with my parents, my sisters, friends... Whatever. Just travel is good to me. Almost every year, when my father goes to France, my mother gets the car and we travel all around Brazil. This year we went to Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. We stopped in around 10 cities in the gone and 10 getting back to Sao Paulo.
We visited some relatives and friends of my mother. When we finally got in Brasilia, we met the cities around and visited friends. Then when we arrived I decided to travel again, but to the south of the country. And last year we went to the south of Brazil and to the northeast, but by airplane.
The trips lasts about 2 or 3 weeks, and during this period it becomes unforgettable.
Since we begun walking, my parents already begun travel with us always, all the week-ends.
But Brazil is very big... Difficult to meet too many places.
There are so many trips that sometimes it becomes boring, but I think it's great!
How about you? Do you travel always?
You said that you really like music. What kind of music are you keen of?
I'm keen on all kind of music. You know, music, to me, are related with the trips. Because everywhere we go, we listen to music on the car. So many trips, so... So many new music. And here at home, my parents use to listen all kind of music so we begin liking it... Bee Gees, Queen... But I prefer rock, like Red Hot Chili Peppers... (I forgot other names of bands) and some Brazilian bands.
What are the bands that you like?
So, you like piano? Me too... I play a little bit. I stopped piano classes. Since when do you play? I want continue having piano classes, but not now.
I have some questions... Do you usually meet new people on internet? Have you ever met (alive) someone?
huh! I gotta go! bye!