Friday, October 31, 2003

Hi people! Well, I 've seen that we are still talking about Eminem, so, once again, here's my opinion: Diego, I read your message, and I think that you have the right of having your opinion about Eminem, if you like him or not. But, I would like to say something: well, I agree with you when you say that he talks more about hid problems in his rap thing, but usually, rap does not always says things about the society. Most of the time, we hear in the radios rappers singing about drugs, or about women in a mean way, and other things that I consider very bad. And Eminem, well, he does have some raps that talk about the same bad things, but normally, he chooses his serious songs to put on radio. And those songs have something that touch us in a deeply way (well, it does for me).
And about water, well, what can I say? We need to care more about this subject. Water is the next reason for a new war. And if we don't handle it with care, we will suffer lots of consequences. If now we are having those problems of drinkable water, imagine the future,a nd how will it be!