Friday, October 24, 2003

Hello everybody!!!!!!!!!
How are you guys?It's a long time I don't write in this blog forgive me(what I'm telling who cares if I don't write or not?Bhoooooooo).Today we didn't go to school 'cause there is a
strike/of teachers,so everybody will think:great!Much hours to sleep..........not for me infact tommorow there will be the interrogation of philosophy(help me)and because I never have opened the book of this subject I have to study 70 pages moreless full of strange persons that have strange ideas about the origin of the things I know it's a definition that limits this "wonderfull" subject but I hate it maybe because of my teacher that is crazy I don't know but I know that this day will be hard.About philosophy did you study it at school and do you like it,and what are your favourite subjects? God bless me for tomorrow, please answer me soon and if I won't be died for the bad mark that I will take maybe you will have also another my message bye bye everybody from Italy Massimo.

P.S.=Please pray for me.............