Sunday, October 26, 2003

Reconecting in bee online

HI again you may be wondering why I always do two message in the same time, well don t ask me I don t know. However like people here said internet is a easy way to make friends but beware where do you enter some places are dangerous, and sometimes go out with friends is as good as chat on internet. And Lina physic, sciences and philosophy are not monsters, you have to see the test like a opportunity and get studying and doing all the exercice, I said ALL. Then you will see that these monsters will become little friends who will only give you 9 or 8 in the test as a gift. hehehe don t be afraid.

Oh I forgot claudia you have ask me about Brazil sorry for make you waiting so long, but here I go. Here in brazil we have many historic cities like Ouro Preto, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and others cities that relate the discoverment in 1500, the production of the coffe, the discoverment of gold in Minas Gerais that is Ouro Preto, and the list go on and on and about food i am not very good but to have an idea people usually eat feijoada that i a typical meal and picanha that is is special cut of the cow, sorry about recipes I am very bad but i can search it for you if you want ok?. BTW if you have more questions just ask, and we are talking about music, do you like in particulary any? Well bye, answer me.