Thursday, October 23, 2003

Hi Sara!
That's ok with you confused my name. Here, in Brazil, that's normal! It's rare to have someone here that the name is François or Françoise. So the people always call me François! I have already accustomed to it. I noticed you because I thought that you thought that I was a boy.
I saw that you speak very well English. Since when do you speak English?
Music is a sort of therapy. When I get angry for example, I listen to music to calm down, when I'm sad and I listen to a happy music I usually get better. Music is great!
Don't you think that it's fun to travel? Mainly listening to music. Meeting new places, new persons... It is so good!
I agree with you about music, that remembers all the best moments. When I listen to Bee Gees for example, the first persons that I think about are my parents. The music, Hotel California - Eagles remembers me a lot my sister... I have one music for each moment or for each person.
Answering to your questions, yes I know some Italian singers, like Eros Ramazotti, Tony Angeli, Andre Bocelli (the best) and I think that I know others... But right in this moment I don't remember.
Do you pretend to have music as a profession? If it isn't that, what do you pretend to do?
Talking about studying, I gotta go too, because tomorrow I have a physics test.
Bye bye!