Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Hi! I'm posting to you Imma's composition about the travel,

I'am in my bed, in my room, I've just returned from my wonderful travel in France with my friends and my teachers.
The travel began Sunday and it has finished today, during these days I've been very happy and relaxed and I've felt very strong emoctions.
A very comic characteristic of the travel has been the fact that everybody have taken in their bags very big clothes against the cold but during the travel the weather has been beautiful and every days in France the sun has shined.
Among the travel we have visited several places, but the cultural-exchange with the Italian emigrants of Le Creusot has been the most particular experience.
In fact when we arrived to the lunch-room of Le Creusot, the emigrants were very gentle people and they created for us a very atmosphere.
This travel has been very rich of nice, wonderful moments and it has given to everybody the possibility to stay all together. Moreover this travel has given to me a new idea about the condition of people who is obliged to stay far-away from his country.