Friday, February 27, 2004

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Thursday, February 26, 2004

Italian words

pizza, piano, serenata, maestro, ravioli, cicerone and salame are ok
confeti is "confetti"
gazeta is "gazzetta"
mortadela is "mortadella"
I didn't understand what does it mean "talharim"
Also "macharao" is not very clear
Bye :-)

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

global village

Hellooo!!I'm Vera.I'm from Naples and I attend the Secondary school.I'm in a project of english supported by a teacher of my school.I would like to have contacts and cultural exchanges with all the people of the's all for now.Byeeeee!!!!!!

Help with Italian please

I have some words in Portuguese that originated from Italian. Some are quite obvious, but I must have the correct spelling in Italian.

Here they are: pizza, confeti, gazeta, piano, serenata, maestro, ravioli, cicerone, salame, macarrão, mortadela, talharim.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

hi guys!!!

I'm Sara, from Italy (I attend the liceo Garibaldi!).
How is it goin' there?
Nobody writes since a lot...why?
Are you having heavy days? Yes, I am!!!
But anyway...on the last Saturday we spent two really funny hours of English! We (me&my classmates) prepared a really professional "performance" about the theme of EMIGRATION to welcome Shoboan (I hope I wrote it in the right way!!), an "emigrant" (but I prefer to call her TRAVELER...)! We organized a very good work...talking about Emigration and the political aspect of emigration, reading Neapolitan poems about this theme and translating them in English, telling emigrants' story and showing photos! Shoboan was born in Spain but she traveled in Ireland, Italy and other countries! She is really friendly and nice...We made her also an interview!!
sorry GOTTA GO!
great hugs!

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

How are you??
Have you spent nice holidays?? was your summer too hot?
Here winter is lukly only a bad memory...spring is coming.. days are longer...summer is near!!And also our trip in Brazil... yes... we'll come to Brazil this summer..In july...
This trip now isn't only a's begun a project!we'll try to do everything is possible to come!!

About Carnival.. here we use to wear strange dresses..becoming wizards, ladies, soldier, fruits and so on...
We prepare parties...we eat carnival food...BTW our carnival is different from yours... I'm very fashinated by Rio's one...And in Sao paulo.. ? tell me more about your carnival recipies..i love cooking..and eating!



Monday, February 16, 2004

Hello everybody!!!! I'm back!!! This is my first post here in 2004!!!! Happy new year for everyone!! (I know that is a little too late!!) Well!!! I hope that this year will be as good as 2003 here on beeonline!!! Our discussion about religion, movies and so one were good!!!! I hope I'll know more about the people from Italy, their lives in Italy!!
A little question for Italians: Do you celebrate carnival there? How do you celebrated it??

Well, that all!!! See you!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2004

Hey there...

Hello! this is my first post on beeonline so I'm not pretty sure of what to write, so I'm just going to introduce myself.
I'm Julie Brugier, I'm 15 and I'm Guilherme's girlfriend. I study at the lycée and live here in São Paulo since I was a baby.
Hope we'll have what to talk about as time passes....
Bye Bye

Friday, February 13, 2004


Hi! My name is Guilherme Soares, I´m 16 and I´m new on Bee Online. I study at Lycée Pasteur too, here in São Paulo. I hope we enjoy this year with many conversations about different subjects.

See you!
Hi Walter, well, I watched " Lord of the Rings" but only the first and the second but I have not watched the third one...I want to watch it but I have not yet had time to do it...I loved the two first ones!!! I think they are two of the best films I have ever watched..!!Not only for the special effects but for the story too!!..What kind of movies do you like??
Hi everyone

I am back writing here on bee online. MY name is Diego and I am from Brazil studying at Lycée Pasteur. I hope that we will have nice and interesting conversation about movies or polemic subjects. This will help me in my English and on my social life because I love to meet people from all around the world this is very interesting.
See you
Hello everibody, my name is Lisa, I am in Brazil, studing in lycée Pasteur, I have never wrote in Beeonline before and now I will do it because it helps me in my learning of English. So... I hope to know everyone who participate of the Bee, see you there

My vacations

Hi! Continuing writing here, I'll tell you about my vacations, that were great!
First, when I knew that I got in 1L, I didn't go to the school anymore, because we wouldn't have a large vacation.
I begun travelling to the "sitio" with my mother and my father, while my sisters stayed at home. I met my friends and talked to them a lot, because I didn't see them for a long time. I talked to Dinha (my best friend since my ten years) for over eight hours. We didn't do anything but talking during all the day. And I talked to Gabriel (some persons know about him), who is a big friend.
Well, the class is finishing. I'll continue talking about my vacations after.
Bye bye!

Francoise on the area!

Hello! How are you people?
My name is Françoise, this is the first time that I write on Bee Online this year. Anyone who wants to meet me better can visit my blog.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

hi guys

Welcome back!! How are you??
And (this is more important) DID YOU ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAYS!??
why don't you all tell me how you spent holidays?
'Cause I miss traveling too much and so I can dream and travel by your narrations!!
I really hope that your new school year will be a good one!!And I hope that beeonline will be again full of discussions, ideas, opinions and friends (we missed you :-P !)
with much love,
Hello Caroline! My holidays were not very interesting because I've passed them in my city, Naples, and I didn't do nothink of interesting like a beautifil travel :-(
In March I'll go with my class and my English teacher, Mrs Mauro, to Lion, and I think that we'll enjoy very much the travel, so I'm waiting it impatiently :-)
Did you see The Lord of the Ring's trilogy? What do you think about it? I think that it's the most beautiful film of the last years!

Sunday, February 08, 2004

My holidays

Hii Walter, my name is Caroline, I'm not new in here but I didn't write here very often...
Well, my holidays were great, I traveled a lot..First I went to Curitiba for Christmas because I have family in there.Then I went to the beach with my sister and my cousins, where I laugh a lot !!I came back to São Paulo on the 31th,for the reveillon,where my "other" family lives.Two weeks later I went to Disney with my parents, my sister, my uncles and my cousins, where I practiced my English. I loved there!!It is a different world..a magic there I came back to my childhood...
What about your holidays?
well that's all, kisses...

Saturday, February 07, 2004


Hello guys, so you started a new school year. I hope that it will be a good one!
What did you do during the holydays?

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Welcome to Beeonline 2004

We have started a new school year and many new bloggers have joined us as well. Many of the people from last year are here again, some have left us but the spirit remains the same.

This is a place for you to chat, share your culture but also exchange ideas on the Garibaldi project and how you have been developing it in Italy and Brazil. You may also use this communication channel to ask your colleagues abroad for information about their countries and what you need to keep the project going.

Have a good time learning about each other!

Monday, February 02, 2004


hi everybody how are you?ilaria

help me

there is a boy that i like,but i don't know if he likes me.What should i do?help me!