Thursday, March 25, 2004


Hello guys, as you know we went with our teachers to France to meet some emigrants. Here there are the impression about the travel of somebody of us.

These days were maybe the best and the most joyful os this year. We went to France with our classmates and with IIIA and with the teachers of English, Humanities and Phisical education and also the director of school.
We visited some beautiful places of Borgogne like a nice little town called Le Creusot and also beautiful places near it like the mines, the beautiful town of Autumn with his cathedral and his Roman theatre and also the city of Lyon.
But the great beauty of this travel was not only the place and the monuments that we saw but also and above all the emoction of the meeting with Italian emigrants of France.
They were really nice people who welcomed us with love and was really friendly with us.
It is obvious that I had big fun with my friends also if I was not very well, indeed I had flu for two days and for this I couldn't go to dinner in the house of emigrants, whilw I had to stay in the bed with Gabriele in the hotel.
However I think this travel was really a good experience, as cultural as living and that was also a good way to make stronger friendship links with the other friends and schoolmates (and also to our teachers from another point of view!)

We have just returned from France, I'm sad only thinking the next week where we have to start again with interrogations and classworks. Any way the travel was fine expacially thanks to the boys and to the girls of IIIA because they are very nice and polite.
The main characteristic of this journey was to meet Italian emigrants in France and to be their guest for one evening.
I, Mr Cagliuso, Peppe and the drivers have been to Titina's house, she is Napolitan and she is nice and she cooked the "Grahelle" with potatoes and cheese. It was good and similar to the Italian fonduta. Dhe showed us the photos of her family, she told the story of her brothers and parents.
She gave us two peluches of Digimon and a small bag too.
They were really happy to spend time with us because we took a little piece of Italy in ourself they feel a grat nostalgia for their homeland.
In addiction to this we have visited the mines where many Italian emigrants died in the hope guarantee a best future to their children. Any way it is a positive experience, even if I would like to spend much more time in Lyon because it is a wonderful city expecially during the night, in fact where we have gone to the disco-pub on the Senna river the city full of light was really spectacular.