Thursday, October 30, 2003

Oh my god

Oh man, I have many things to say. It is always the same time I come back here to beeonline... one week later and all is changed, it is incredible. However you guys were talking about philosophy. Well, I have a question "What is a thing?" hehehe answer me.

About the horoscope I am a Cancer and I like what I have read in books but I don t believe in that, however it is funny because sometimes something that is written really happens.

And God this sound of rain is so wonderful, I love working with the sound of the rain (now it is raining) I think that why I like the movie “dancing in the rain”.

To finish my “Bible" here I would like to say that I hate Eminem because he thinks that he is the best and all his songs are horrible, the subject of all of his songs is saying bad things about someone or something. BTW, I like Coldplay and if you want to hear a very good song listen to “a rush of blood to the head” of Coldplay. You will love it!