Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Something about Naples

Hello Johanna!!!!!!!!!!!!
You have answered me very soon... thank you very much,also for the information about Sao Paulo!But now it's my turn. I want to tell you something about Naples. Naples is a wonderful city!. We are near to the sea so one day if it's very hot you can wake up, take a bus and in ten minutes you are on the beach, sunbathing and believe me, my class and I have several times done this little trip and it was fantastic, don't you think?But if you don't like the sea, you can also go to the mountain, where you can do a wonderful pic-nic surrounded by green and nature or you can walk around a city that is full of monuments and have an ice-cream, which is very good here. When you are in Naples and you're very hungry you have to do one thing:eat a pizza. The pizza in our city is not a simple food, but it's a tradition and a very important one. As you can see, I love my city very much. About the night, first I have to say that I love disco and disco-music very much, especially House(do you know?). The neapolitans are very warm people and so we like music, party,and every place where there is music and people 'cause we like stay together. What do you think about this?It's very nice that you answered me during break. I have only the time to have a snack..............so I write my message at home like now oooops it's very late I have to sleep 'cause in these days I was not very well and I didn't go to school(yeaaaaaaaaah!!!!).I want to know what you think about our city so answer soon like this time
Bye Bye from Italy Massimo