Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Hi Sara! I'm sorry I didn't answer you before... I'm working with my father on a traduction to his friend, so I didn't feel will to enter on the internet.
It must be great to live in a place like that. But, like Graham and I said, it's better to live in a big city than a small town. You see, it's good to stay for a little time, but not for much. We get annoyed. But some people prefer to live in a little town. Is that your case?
It is beautiful to see colored houses, big gardens and old castles. I totally agree with you. It must be great to live only around it.
Yes, London must be a chaotic city, like you said. It's like Sao Paulo, where we like. It's horrible! But I don't know if I could live away from here.
What about your city? Is it chaotic like London, Sao Paulo or other big cities?
I agree with you about Eminem. But I don't like him at all. Even his music. I don't know, he wants to show himself to other persons. Like if he is the star, and other people, the ones who he says (I don't know how to say) bad words, like he did to Britney Spears in his clip. And the injuries against his family, like you said. He is very problematic.
What are the languages that you know? Do you think it's difficult? Do you think that Spanish is difficult?
Gotta go!