Monday, October 20, 2003

Hello Leonardo!
near Naples there are lots of important historic cities, like Pompei, Ercolano...They are very important because in Roman period our volcano(Vesuvius) woke up and buried them! In Fact in Pompei you can see a real Roman city...with remains of houses , pictures, tools, "shops".... in a part of this city you can see also some bodies of person died during the eruption.
Obviously these bodies are casts but BTW (I've learnt it!!)
you see the expressions and their faces!!
Vesuvio is very beautiful... because now it sleeps .. by
the beach during the winter it's possible to see this high mountain without top covered of snow ... very particoular!!
But these are only a part of important cities here!!
and there??

Guys we're studing your traditions and your histoic side...can you help us please??
What are your favourite barzilian groups?what do you eat ...Can you give us some Brazilian recipes??Please help us.....