Saturday, October 18, 2003

Hello Graham!
You're right to live in a small town when you get old. I see many times people who never respect old people. Before yesterday, I was coming back from school with my sister and I took a bus. The front of the bus is reserved for old and handicapped people. When there isn't an old person there, the passengers may sit there.
But Thursday (before yesterday), the bus was a little bit crowded and there were no old people there first, but then an old woman entered the bus. There was no place. Nobody thought of standing up and letting her sit. What happened? As the bus swerved, she almost fell on the floor. Even with that, the persons ignored that.
Here in Brazil, until last month, there was a soap opera, Mulheres Apaixonadas. featuring a character named Doris, who treatred her grandparents very badly . This caused a big controversy. I think that with the controversy, many persons in this country learnt how to treat an old person. I'm not sure of that, but I hope.
Well, I know that it's sometimes very difficult to stand them. My grandfather for example, after the death of my grandmother last year, he began getting sick and walking more slowly everyday . When I take a walk with him, it takes very long. But I know that grandparents don't live forever. And the death of my grandmother was very sad for us. So I try to be patient with him. He too was young once and when I get old I'll need help. So if we help, we can be helped.
Now... Talking about the sky...
I'm fascinated about what you wrote. About the beautiful sky that we can see when we are in little towns. The first thing that I think when I'm traveling to a little town is about the sky. It made me remember about once, when I was camping with my friends. We lay down on the grass and started looking at the beautiful sky with so many stars and falling stars that were passing that time. It was a very beautiful night that I'll never forget.
There was no cloud in the sky, no pollution... Only the full moon, the stars and the falling stars. The moon was so big, as if it were approaching the earth.
We talked for hours looking at the sky...
Bye! =)