Wednesday, October 22, 2003

=) =) =) sorry FrancoisE, I understood you were a girl but I didn't know that FrancoisE was the female noun for Francois...what a bud figure I cut!
I love music because of the same reason...since we ( me, my brother and my sister) were children we have always traveled a lot mostly by car and my father ( as much as me now!) love listening to music in the we all are fond of every type of music! In our collection we have got more than 300 CDs!!!
I like music like jazz, blues, rock ( I like Red Hot, too!), singers like Simon&Gurfunkle, Beatles then Withney Houston, Queen, and then lots of Italian singers ( do you know any Italian singer??) and so on!
But what I really like of music is his power to make me remembering! Lots (ALL) my memories are linked to a particular music, the music I listened in that particular moment will always make me remembering it...and I love this...for example, listening some notes of Like A prayer ( By Madonna) It's enough to start remembering all best moments of my last summer holidays!!! Music is the sound-track of my life!!!
About piano I play it since I was 9! Now I attend also the conservatory, a particular school to learn playing instrument and to become musician!
I've never met (alive) anyone I met ON INTERNET, I don't know why, MAYBE 'cause I've never linked very much with anybody! this could be the the right time!
Sorry but now I've to go...I haven't studied English literature yet and here It's 8 pm! I gotta go!
kisses & hugs