Friday, October 24, 2003

Hi Sara!

I'm quite good too. U?
I'm learning English since I was twelve I think. Like you, I learnt a big part listening to the music or movies... And on English classes too!
A couple years ago, when I was 14, every Saturday I used to see clips on a channel name Multishow. For two hours there was 20 different music, with legends and I used to record, to see after. At the beginning I used to not know what the music means, but reading the legends, I learnt a lot and in the end, there was many words that I learnt with the music. I think that it is very interesting for someone who wants to learn a new language. Music helps a lot. And there are music that I love so much that I search on internet than I learn. But sometimes the better is not to know what is the meaning of the music. For example, the music The Bad Touch, have you ever listened to it? Well, when I listened this music for the first time I really loved, but when I saw what it really means... hahaha! It is horrible!
I think it is interesting to attend an English University. If you want, try!!! Go ahead. I'm interested on England too, but not for an university, but to live. I don't know. I always dreamt about living there. And many friends mine that went there, wanted to be there much more. And there are others that don't. A friend of my mother said that it's horrible to live in England. She's living there since the year 2000 and she says always that she is suffering a lot. I don't know... I think that the idea about living in an other country that isn't yours is very difficult!
So, you would like to be a consul? =) Interesting... Different! I don't know what I'd like to be... But I'd like to do something related to languages. I love to read, to write... And I really like learning new languages. Now I'm learning a little bit of German with my father. I know just some words, but I'd like to go deep on it, but not now, because I think that the most important now is study. I'm studying a lot... Working hard! But I really don't know what I'm going to do.
You can use piano as hobby... On your spare time!
Kisses and hugs