Tuesday, October 21, 2003

HI Sarah,
wow, We've got the same name...but yours has got the h!
I'm sure that since now you'll enter here much more times 'cause now you've got me to talk!!
Did you know that our name in Ebraic language means princess, that's why my father called me Sara and he always calls me "my princess"! I love it!
My God, aLso I love horses and I like riding horse very much! I think it's beautiful but I can do it only when I go on mountain where there's a riding-ground and I rarely go there! I'm good enough in horseback riding...maybe we will ride together a day!
However I love sports too, I'm a good swimmer, I won the swimming regional championship some years ago but now I haven't time to go to the swimming pool!
What about you, your country, your life! TELL ME STH ABOUT you!
Where's Premiere?
answer me soon!!
p.s. Do you know the time zone between Italy and Brazil?
sweet kisses