Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Hi fokes!
Well, I need to say that I totally agree with Lou. Like I've said before, I like Eminem, a lot!!! I think that's he 's very cute and sexy... hehe... And the best thing that I like about him is that he writes his own songs, he doesn't need composers (I don't know if we spell like this...) . And the coolest thing is that he knows how to ryme! It's perfect... And most of the time, the songs that we listen on radio from him are "inteligent" songs, you know, that talk about serious things, from his life or about other things. For example, a song called "Stan" sang and wrote by him, was so good and touching, that in MTv Brazil, in a show that they put only video clips, they put this video, but with subtitles, in Portuguese. That means that the lyric was so great that everybody needed to know what he was singing.... All this it's to show how I like Eminem....
And talking about water, I am really scared about what Chico said. I really got frightned, can you imagine, we can drink less than 1% of water in the whole world! we need to do something, to save water, 'cause then we 'll be saving us and family!