Thursday, October 16, 2003

Hello Graham! How are you?
I'm sorry I didn't answer you before... I was traveling, and than we got back to our school.
Like we were talking, about small towns, during this vacations I went to one. Didn't I tell you about Caldas and Pocinhos? Well, I went there... For visiting my friends.
Caldas is a town that has about three thousand inhabitants, and Pocinhos may have five hundred. They are very small. So in Pocinhos we know many persons and even if we don't know each other, we end by meeting.
When I went to Caldas, I stayed at Suia's house (my friend). We used to wake up every morning at 9AM and since that time, there was about five or six friends hers. And they stay for the hole day! The door is open to everyone, since everyone know everyone. So it's cool sometimes to live in small cities because, night or day, we can meet friends and get out any time you want because we are safety. That's one thing that we can't find everywhere. For example, I live is Sao Paulo, that is a very big city. I get out all the time, my mother lets me free to go wherever I want, because she trusts me. I get out with my friends, I go to the cinema, ect but sometimes I feel that I'm not in safety. It can be day or night.
In Caldas, there's a friend of Suia, that his nickname is Buiu, and his real name is Fabiano. He knows everyone, he's friend of everyone, he is loved by everyone and he helps everyone.
I have never lived in a small town, but I know that it's very difficult. Not by experience (how could I have, if I have never lived is a small town), but by friends that live in a small town, and by you. Ashley, small town is better for old or stressed people, or even for people that have a small kid.
Young people have to live in big cities, where there are interesting things to do!