Thursday, November 06, 2003

Ok, religions may be causes of many wars, but when God created them, He didn't want them to be reasons and causes of war! It all depends on man! As I said before, I do believe in God, I really do, and I admit that it's hard to explain His existence, how He showed up and everything. But these are things that I prefer not to think of. First, because, it drives me confused, and then you finish by thinking things that, in some way, you shouldn't think (in my opinion). This is something that, neither Science nor Physics can explain. It is about something that when you believe makes you feel better. When you believe in God, you know that He is watching you, watching every small step you make. And if bad things happen, you must know that God knows what He's doing. And, there is something that I agree with Paula, it's that God gives us the chance to choose the way we want to tread. He gives us the religion as an instruction, but we can decide what we want to do about our lives.