Thursday, November 06, 2003

Stop!!!!!!!!!! be reasonable stop

Guys you all don t understand, all the stuff about religion may not exist like Chico said but I think that if this "religion" "created by the church" helps people at work at home and at love, lets respect it, or you have something against it?

Look we have 3 religions here trying to get a conclusion, but wake up it is impossible, each religion date for more than a hundred years and I don t think that boys and girls of 15 years old will change all these religion in order to get to a conclusion.

So guys please stop ok stop!!! This subject is getting boring please.

BTW Paula that is nice I thought that I was the unique spirit in whole school. Do you believe in what they say, because I don t believe in all the theories of the spiritisme, however it is a good religion like any other.