Saturday, November 08, 2003

Simona wants to answer to Diego, She says:
If you think that religion can be dangerous, you kept in touch with the worst aspect of it!
you should know that religion can also teach love and respect and tollerance!
Also Anna has the idea that with religion person can be better! So It isn't a bad thing! But she thinks that it's useless talking and discussing about religion for a so long time 'cause everybody has different opinions and nobody can be sure that he is right! so she proposes to stop this conversation!
Francesco:< I don't belive in any religion cause it causes negative behaviour and MAN is not free to live and think without restriction!
Sara: (first of all hello Francois, haw are you? I'm sorry I didn't write for a long time but my computer was out!!! see u!) I think that everybody should have his own religion cause people need to trust in something to be a better person and to live in a better way! Now let's discuss about something new!
We all propose to discuss about this question: do you really believe that your dreams will come true????
There's a beautiful Shakespeare's quotation: [we are made of the same material of our dreams...], so LET'S DREAM!!!!!
We dream to meet new people, to keep in touch with boys and girls who live so far from here...and also to MEET YOU!!!!!
Let's talk about the possibility you visit us or to visit you!
We can give you we are carrying on exchanging news about our countries!!!!!!
mY class is made of 20 students and everybody would like to see you all and to dance SAMBA!!!
Hugs from Naples!