Monday, November 03, 2003

Hello Claudia! Well, answering your question, well, I am a Muslim, I do believe in God. I pray everyday when I am in bed, or when I am in the car going to school. I am not a big religious person, but I do pray 5 times a day (well, when I remember, and this month I am celebrating the Ramandan, a month during which I can't eat the whole day, even drink water... Only at night I can eat. And I do it, even if it is very hard. I hate when people say "oh how ridiculous, why do you do that?!" Well, I do it cause I believe in God, and if He asked us (Muslims) to do it I will do it. I don't follow exactly all the Muslim traditions, but I try to do my best. I know that following his "orders", I will be rewarded later. Maybe not when I'm alive, but I will. And for those who don't believe in Him, well, I respect their thoughts, but I still think they're wrong .