Friday, November 07, 2003

Hey Leo and Paula!
I really admire the spiritism, but my mother baptisted me in a catholic church, she made me do the first communion and now, I do believe in God because of all that.. My mum use to say that people only start believing in God when things are going in the bad way, I DON'T AGREE WITH THAT! It will astonish me if Lina says she believes in God because she passed a difficult situation.. But I also think that everybody have different opinion about things, that's why I think Leo has a point in this thing about religion, we're not going anywhere speaking about it... I think that you (who is reading) have different opinions comparing to me, and that's the way is our world, if everybody had the same ideas and opinions, it would be horrible, that's why I agree when Boucherez says: "Don't be in shame of being the minority"! =D
See you!