Thursday, November 06, 2003

Philosophic matters

Hello everybody,
It’s my first time here in the beeonline and I find it very interesting... The “religious” question is something that we will never find out I guess. Is there a God? Who knows... Who can be sure that He does really exist? But who can be sure of the contrary?
I don’t aggree with Lina nor Diego... I think that what influences us isn’t peoples religion and it really shouldn’t. The human specie is the only one born with his self consciousness and free will. The things we do, or do not, are the concequences of our acts and don’t, in any way, intefere in “Gods will”. The religion doesn’t help people to be good persons ( or are you telling me that all the murderers don’t belive in God?) it depends on us, and us only, to decide that because what defines us are the things we do and not in what we believe in. And the religion isn’t in any way dangerous. Of couse, religion made people do things that are “dangerous” but it isn’t the reliogion it self that is “dangerous” but the way that man interprets it. I, personally, belive in God. Of course, it’s dificult to belive in but I do. I’m not saying that He existes, because maybe He doesn’t, I just saying that, some times, it’s good to think that some place, somebody is watching over me and really cares. In the other hand, Chico has a point, maybe human beings invented God to explain things they din’t unedestand... but, after all this time, and all the things we discovered, religion still persists... isn’t THAT strange?
Hell, I think I wrote to much but I love talking about these stuff...
See ya soon...

P.S: Hey Leonardo (Baixo), guess what? I’m “spiritist” to!! hehehehe