Tuesday, November 11, 2003


Oh look you guys took my idea!!! THANKS!!! LOVE YA!!! Well, for or againts death penalty?? is's really hard to say.. I guess I'm for. I mean, you kill, you get killed.. doesn't seem logic? Of couse, I not saying we should kill everyone that kills, I'm just saying that it seems fair?! I think Lou has a point there.. if we kill them, becouse they killed, we are doing exacly the same thing... but isn't it justice? Of couse, the religious people will say that we aren't God so we don't have the right to take anyones lifes and bla bla bla but face it... a lot of people aren't religious anymore! And let's see the praticle side... if we kill the criminals (not all of them.. just the really bad ones!! I'm no serial killer, don't worry!!!) we wont have to built more prisons... so we won't have to spend money on it... I mean.. they kill and and we still have to pay them there food?? How lame is that?!!
Well that my point of view... what about yours??
Bye bye guys!!