Tuesday, February 24, 2004

hi guys!!!

I'm Sara, from Italy (I attend the liceo Garibaldi!).
How is it goin' there?
Nobody writes since a lot...why?
Are you having heavy days? Yes, I am!!!
But anyway...on the last Saturday we spent two really funny hours of English! We (me&my classmates) prepared a really professional "performance" about the theme of EMIGRATION to welcome Shoboan (I hope I wrote it in the right way!!), an "emigrant" (but I prefer to call her TRAVELER...)! We organized a very good work...talking about Emigration and the political aspect of emigration, reading Neapolitan poems about this theme and translating them in English, telling emigrants' story and showing photos! Shoboan was born in Spain but she traveled in Ireland, Italy and other countries! She is really friendly and nice...We made her also an interview!!
sorry GOTTA GO!
great hugs!