Thursday, May 29, 2003

Hello teacher!
Laura I saw “THE MATRIX RELOADED” and it’s very good and I recommend it to everybody, but I haven´t seen “Bowling for Columbine” but I want to see this film because Diego told me, the film was super even before I read your message.
Hello Ademar,
I am sorry to have disappointed you today :-( but I could not sleep all night and had a terrible headache...this is why I did not come this morning and you did not get the ad.
But I have managed to correct all and you will have it next week.
Hi teacher, it's Ademar, I posted and published.
Ah, I ask you, where is the "ad"?

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

I told you this morning I have this teacher friend in Portugal and that her students are also writing a blog. If you want to visit it, have a go at: ... it takes some time to load so be patient and do not start banging on the keyboard...the computer is a delicate machine and deserves to be treated with respect :-)
Hi everybody!
Well, I haven't seen Matrix yet, but I would very much like to because I saw the first and it's a little bit complicated, but I loved it!!! Still on films, this week end I saw Bowling for Columbine ( Tiros de Colombine ), a Michael Moore film. It is about the use of weapons in the US, the importance of self defense for the Americans and how easy it is to obtain a weapon in a store. It's amazing how he criticizes the American attitude!! I recommend you watch this movie, it's a sort of documentary in fact, it is not boring at all and you will laugh !!!!
hope you see the film,
See ya guys!


Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Unfortunately I have not been able to go to the cinema this weekend and watch Matrix and will not probably go that soon. I have loads of compositions to correct (among them your ad...) and my two black giant dogs wait for me every weekend in the country...I cannot disappoint them, can I?
However, I would appreciate if you could introduce the characters to me and the plot. Also tell me what is worth watching...what you thought was the best part and why.
See you tomorrow

Sunday, May 25, 2003

Hey yo was up ! It is me Andrés.
First of all I would like to apologize for not writing before 'cause I went to my father's house and we don't have any computers there.
So I saw the première of The Matrix: Reloaded with Felipe and Leonardo at on Thursday. Man, it is the best movie ever, well it is because I am a fan of Matrix, so there is no way I could not like it. And as Chico said and I hope it is true, our world can be just like in the Matrix ...I mean nothing really exists.
See ya!!!
Hello! Chico comes back.
I saw Matrix yesterday. Man, it's amazing (if you understand the movie). Than I read SUPER INTERESSANTE; now I wonder: do I really exist? does the world really exist? when did it begin? It's a very philosophical film. I'm reading the book "O Universo numa Casca de Noz"; it's about (almost) the same thing: what is our origin? what is the origin of the universe? what is "to live"? I'm very interested in it.
See you!

Saturday, May 24, 2003

Hi teacher I'm here!!
I've posted new stuff in my blog...hehe
that's all..

Thursday, May 22, 2003

Hello teacher, I'm here!!! I haven't seen Matrix Reloaded but I may go this weekend if I don't have anything better to do. I have already watched the first one but I didn't understand anything...well, I don't really mind's only to spend a moment with my friends...So kiss and I will tell you my feelings after the movie...maeva
Teacher Are you here?
I am IN your Blogger Mme Dieu , Hello
Hello teacher, thanks for inviting me. Please give me a good mark for the May 22 test ...
Hi teacher it is me Leonardo, I did it "God" helped me to enter Bee online, now I will talk and talk because this is an easy way to communicate with others. I saw that you have put something about Matrix and I love it. I have already been to this site and by the way today I will buy the tickets to see the film on Friday with Andres and Felipe.Well if you see the movie tell me if you liked it ok? But I am sure you and everyone will like it.

Hello!!! Your blogger doesn't like me!!!! I love your little animation in the corner!! Will you watch Matrix Reloaded?

P.S: Uh-oh there is a problem! I'm just kidding!
Hello, I finally came to Bee Online!!
I am going to see Matrix Reloaded today afternoon. And I already have tickets.
I really liked the first movie and I think I will like the second one.
Who else is going to see it??
it is the first time I go to Bee Online, I thing it is a good idea to throw ideas, but many students don't have time to write in the blogger like me because I practice sports during all the week.
Well, sorry teacher that I didn't enter this Bee online blogger before. I think that this is a great idea, we can communicate and share ideas all together here. Matrix Reloaded is coming tomorrow. Who is going to see it already? I heard the movie tickets were all sold...I'm going to try to go there saturday or sunday. But did you all enjoy the first movie, Matrix? Because it is a "special" movie, not everyone liked it. Tell me what you thought about it please!

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

There are some interesting links I have come across and that may interest you!
Time Magazine offers an article and a list of links about the last Matrix :
since the last Matrix film is on French national TV tonight, and the new
Matrix reloaded is in Cannes, all your students will know or be curious
about it.
The official site:

Matrix Fan site
Animated shorts of life in the universe of Matrix
Hello, it's nice to have you here on my blogger. Let's brainstorm for some topics for discussion. Just throw in your ideas and we'll feel how people react to them.
Hellloooooo teacher.......It's Marina
Sorry for not joing this Bee Online blogger before......
well..I think the same thing as the others..this is a nice idea...

Sunday, May 18, 2003

Hello teacher, It´s Stephan
I think that exchanging ideas on Bee Online is a very good idea. I think that during the week we could talk about different ideas and suggestions.
Hi teacher! it's Laura.
That'a very good idea to exchange ideas on Bee Online, but I think, for example, we could talk about one idea or suggestions during a week, don't ya think?

Saturday, May 17, 2003

Hello teacher! It's Chico.
I think that Bee Online's a good idea. We'll exchange ideas and suggestions.
(Can you please send me the password and the username to answer thw questions on timeproject? Thanks.)
I have sent invitations to all my students to my blog. We can then post messages and exchange ideas here.