Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Hi Katherina!

I like your idea about communicating with my students, but will you have time? I tell you what, when I start, I'll tell you the address of the weblog, and you can read and post comments if you want. How does that sound to you? Thanks for the recommendation - I will try to get hold of some music by Nada Sei, etc. I have been listening to Tribalistas recently and I really like them. In London, parties don't usually last as long as in Brazil, although there are exceptions! Life in Britain is changing little by little. For example, in London and most big towns, you can usually find a shop open 24 hours a day, and the discos stay open later than when I lived there (8 years ago). In general though, most people go out earlier, and are nicely tucked up in bed at midnight, which is when the nightlife begins in Spain!