Sunday, August 31, 2003

Hello Graham... I see you have answered us!! So , you mention the "Tribalistas" : it is a famous group here in Brazil . The three singers are : Marisa Monte , Carlinhos Brown and Arnaldo Antunes... I love the song "Velha infância" that is making success on the radios now! I'm sure you will like it. I also learned from a friend who lives in France that "Tribalistas" is starting to appear there and that she likes a lot the songs (when she came to see me in July 2003 , she listened to this song I mentioned and she loved it , so now she's happy because she can listen to it there)... Hum , other Brazilian groups I can mention are "Skank" and "Paralamas do sucesso" that are typical from Brazil and all the teens like them! You said that when you went to Portugal you heard Brazilian music. When I went to Portugal , last year I think , in all the stores we could listen to Brazilian songs like "É o tchan" ( axé = type of brazilian music that is similar to samba , music of carnival here ) and other kinds! and all of them were Brazilian... So , I can say that Brazil music has a big influence in Portugal . On television there were some Brazilian programs too .
Well , I'm curious to know how you met our teacher. I already asked here but she told me to ask you! =)
About Spain , I don't have anything to ask!! I just wanted to say that I have the impression it is very nice to live there! Just before finishing I would like to say that I also like Portugal and that last year I was going to live there but it didn't happen .
That's it.. hope you will answer me
caroline t.