Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Hi Graham...
It's Caroline! As Katherina said , I also think that your students will love your idea because it's the kind of "homework" that we learn a lot from : we talk to other people without having something boring to do , like rewriting exercises , etc . I think that it will be great to talk to your students as Katherina mentioned . We'll be able to learn about a different culture while they'll learn ours! So it's a change that we'll make! Why are the classes going to start only at the end of September ? My French friend has already started going to school! So I don't see the difference as Spain and France are two countries in Europe... I'm sure you'll be able to answer me this!
I was sure that you and our teacher first met by internet because , as everybody can see , our teacher is very modern and she does everything on her computer! I can't imagine how it would be if someone took her computer or if it was broken for one week! hehehe... She told us that she has a house not far from São Paulo but it is too far to come to school every morning to teach us! So she stays more here in São Paulo , where she has an apartment... And the second reason for this is that there in the country she doesn't have a computer , so she can't enter the internet! hahaha... That's why I said that she's very modern (I don't know if this is the right term to use , but I think that everybody understands me!).
I have noticed that our teacher disappeared! She doesn't write on the bee online anymore... Teacher , where are you?!
Well , that's all . I should go now!
Caroline t.