Sunday, August 31, 2003

Hello again!

Well, as Leonardo, Katherina, Andre, Caroline, Lina have all asked me about my life in Brazil, I'll explain a little. I go back to work (school) tomorrow for the first time, although the term doesn't really start until mid-September. I live in a flat in the north of the city, and work in several places, teaching English to students of different ages, but mainly those who are at university studying Tourism. When I'm not working, I have to study, but I also like listening to music (especially live music, and there are lots of opportunites to see all kinds of different music in Barcelona) and going to the cinema. Lately, I have been spending more and more time on the Internet, and have become very interested in weblogs (Hey! That's how I ended up being invited here!)

Barcelona is a nice place to live, except it gets too hot for me in the Summer! It's a very cosmopolitan city, and quite different from other parts of Spain. This is partly because the Catalan culture is very strong (Catalan is a very different language from Spanish), and the people and traditions are often different from those you would normally identify with Spain. People still eat late, however (lunch is normally taken at 3pm, and people often don't eat dinner until after 10pm), and the nightlife goes on until the early hours of the morning, which is very different from Britain! Well, that's a taster of Barcelona life. If you want to know any more, just ask.