Thursday, September 25, 2003

Hi Francoise

You ask about North Shields and the difference with Barcelona. Well, to start with, North Shields isn't a city, it's a small town. and it's not that it's not exciting, more that it's very dull and very unattractive. I prefer Barcelona because of many things, but one of them is its vibrancy. There are always new things to do and to see and the city is very cosmopolitan. In a small regional town, you meet the same people all the time and nothing ever seems to change. I like the idea of change and of movement in the place where I live, and (even if I don't take advantage of it most of the time), the idea that I can choose between hundreds of films at the cinema or 20-30 live music acts to see any day of the week, and there are always places I haven't been to to visit. In a small town, it's difficult to find this. However, it's just my personal opinion - other people prefer small towns to big cities.