Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Hi Graham!!
Sorry I haven't been writing, and I didn't answer you! Talking about Chris, I don't agree with Carol. I don't think that Chris is unsual because of fame. In my opinion, his way of behaving has always been like that, and I don't really think that he has changed after being famous. I have already seen some famous people. Most of the times I was in a restaurant, but once, when I was 7 I think, I went to Rio de Janeiro, and I realized that I was staying at the same hotel that the football player Romario. I took the same elevator with him but I didn't see him! But after , I asked for an autograph .. hehe... I agree with you and with Caroline when you say that famous people have problems some times to do normal things, because the press and the reporters never leave them, they are always "haunting" them. Sometimes they have to disguise themselves to go to the movies, or to a restaurant....

Talking about movies, my favourite ones are suspense and comedy films... If I had to pick one of the most perfect days of my life it would be a Saturday evening, in winter, in my living-room with some popcorn and hot chocolate, watching a good comedy and/or suspense movie..... The perfect dream! A movie that I really liked and I consider as my favourite one is Moulin Rouge with Nicole Kidman, if I could describe it in only one world, it would be fabulous, just fabulous, I really recommend it ; )

Well,that's all for now! See you later!! Bye
Lina =)

Hi Claudia!
How are you? My name's Lina and I am 15. I live in São Paulo too, and I must say that, like Caroline, I can't imagine myself living anywhere else than São Paulo! ; ) But Naples must be just great! I have never been there, but I wish I will one day! Italy must be wonderful, I have already seen many pictures from there, but it isn't the same as being there and seeing the real image! Tell me about more about you! your favourite kind of music, or..., I don't , anything you want! ; )
Well that's all for now!
Bye bye and see you soon