Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Hello Claudia!
So , I was sure that you were going to describe Naples as being a wonderful city!lol.. just in the same way as I will describe São Paulo... I love São Paulo and I think that I couldn't live anywhere else! Here we don't have the sea near us . To see the sea you must go to Santos, which isn't far from here but you may do like , I don't know.. one hour by car?! I don't remember exactly! Here , we go shopping , bowling , watching a movie , playing paintball... A lot of things that you can do in a BIG city! I completly agree with you that words don't describe a place . Only seeing to understand exactly!
And , how old are you?? I see that you have an excellent English! =)
So , have you ever travelled outside Naples? Where have you been ?? What places have you visited?
Hope you'll answer me!... See you soon..