Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Hello Everybody!!
I'm very happy to see your posts!! In few days lots of my friend of my class will arrive here.. and so we'll warm this blog with our neapolitan temper! Today in my city there is a big feast, party, because today is....San gennaro feast!!
you have to know that on 19th of September in Naples everybody celebrate S.Gennaro's day!! He was during I century a.d. a bishop killed by Romans (because he was Christian). His body was buried after long trips in our city. A day when arrived in naples an important king of Spain the solid blood of S.Gennaro , kept in a a part of the Cathedral, became again liquid like water...A miracle!! Since that time Gennaro does this miracle ..Today in fact his blood had become liquid again.... you can imagine this is a leggen, but believe, it's everything true...!! for me this is one of signes that over this material world there's something more...
So, today no school only party party party !! everybody shouts sings...on the streets near to the Cathedral you can see all kinds of stalls...great!

if you give me your adresse I can send you some post-cards!!