Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Hello, I don't know why, but the blog put one of my posts down on 16th o f September!! however I think that s.Paulo has to be really good...above all because it's very different from Italian cities.What part of Italy was visited by paula?

For Carloline
Hello!! I love travelling!! but I didn't lots of long trips! let's see...I often go to Venezia(Venice)..(you know?) because some of my relatives live there, but also To Firenze (Florence) for the same reason... with school i went lots of years ago in The southern part of France, visiting Nice, Cannes and Monaco...
And You ? Do you like travelling?.

For Lina
Ehy.. I love music..it's in my blood....I play guitar..and i LOVE , but REALLY LOVE red hot chili peppers......I've all their cd... they drive me crazy!!also nirvana, offspring, blur, systen of a down are very good for me...but no group plays like RHCP!! I always listen to Ben Harper, because his sound is similiar to bob Marley's one...But there are also some Italian groups and singers good...I could write an infinite post about music, but i stop me here for the moment..and you what do you listen ?

For Françoise
hello!! also our teacher MrS Mariapia Mauro spoke us about this project...my God..Brazil.....wow... We stayed for two hours dreaming about it!! I never was in your country, but when I see on books, or tv something about Brazil I always think to rio de Janeiro.... S.Paulo is similar to it??Have you ever been there?

For Leonardo
When you will come in Naples you will see totally a different way to live... I think that also your city is very bautiful...and BIG ..Naples more or less guests 1,500,000 people but S.Paulo..more and more!!
mh..it's so interesting to see different places!!