Saturday, September 20, 2003


Hello! Here I am... again!
Since I have a lot of time because of the vacations, I'm writing here.
Today I saw three great movies. They were Door to Door; Just Married and Life in Seven Days. I won't say the name of the actors because I don't remember anything.
Door to Door is a drama. It's the history that happens on the 70's about a retarded man name Peter that needed a job. He tried an interview to be a salesman. Nobody thinks that it's a good idea, but he keeps trying and he gets the job. First it's a crash, but with the time he finally achieves a sale. For years he continues being a salesman, with a big success. But since he has problems, the doctor says that he couldn't continue doing his job, that he would need the help from someone. That's when he meets "I think it's Sara" and together they work. He wins an award for being the best salesman of the year, but he's too old and he quits the job.
I won't tell the end. it is worth it. It's a very beautiful movie!
Just Married I think everyone knows. So I don't need to tell the history.
And the last movie, the one that I saw first, today morning, was Life in Seven Days. A movie with Angelina Jolie that happens in Seattle. In the movie, she's a reporter that cares only for her body, to be always beautiful and rich. And she was going to be promoted in her job. The only thing that she has to do is a great report, but with a cameraman that she hates a lot. In the first report, there's a problem. In the second, she's going to interview a beggar that believes that he's prophet of God and is able to anticipate all the things that are going to happen. Before interviewing the beggar or the "prophet" she says that she doesn't believe on those things but anyway she asked what was going to happen to her. He said that she was going to die in a week and she wouldn't be promoted. She got surprised but she didn't believe. And in the interview he said that on the other day, it would rain granite and an earthquake in San Francisco would happen at 9:06 six morning of the other day. When it begun raining granite, she started believing it, and when she saw on the news about the earthquake. So she started living better the last week alive that she has. I won't tell more. I think I already said too much.
So, that's it!