Saturday, September 20, 2003

Hi Graham! Hehe, I love that part too (well, I love the whole movie, I have already watched it at least 12 times!), but my favourite one is when Christian, played by Ewan McGregor sings a new version of Your Song, from Elton John, to Satine, played by the fantastic Nicole Kidman. His voice and his way of singing are fabulous! I love him ! I know that song by heart! Well, I know almost all the songs by heart, because I bought the soundtrack of the movie and I am always listening to it! It's my favourite album!! Talking about Brazilian movies, some ones I can recommend you are "a Partilha", that it is some kind of comedy with drama. It talks about the life of four sisters who live in Rio and who are discussing whether to sell their old apartement where they used to live. Another one is "Central do Brasil" which has already been recommended for the Oscar, but unfortunaly did not win. It is about a friendship of a lady and a kid. She is trying to get him back home. It is a very good movie, during which I cried a lot (well, I cry in all movies, in Moulin Rouge I cried all the times I've watched, and sometimes I started to cry even before the movie started) and which shows the real life of people who didn't have the chance to have a good life but who are trying to have it. There are two movies that I haven't watched yet : Carandiru and Cidade de Deus. They both talk about violence, and I 've read some very good reviews about both! The last one I 've mentioned was indicated for an Oscar too, but again, Brazil didn't win... Well, that's all for now!
Bye bye and see you later!