Friday, September 12, 2003

Hey guys!
So , I'll answer all the questions that were posted here by all of you .
Ryan , I don't know what the word "tither" means . I searched on the internet and in the dictionary I have at home but I couldn't find it .Can you explain it to me the meaning of this word?
Graham , the movie that Leonardo is talking about is "The Ring" . I haven't seen it yet but everybody says that it is very scarring.
Yes , I know Alejandro Sanz but , certainly , it isn't my favourite singer . Here he isn't very popular but I think that everybody has already listenned to it once .
Answering to Graham's question , I have already met famous persons but I think you don't know them because they are brazilian actors . Once I went to praia do forte , Bahia , that is in north of Brazil , and at the same hotel I was some famous persons were spending their holiday too . It was very funny because we imagine them in a way but when you see them in front of you they're quite different . Television changes a lot the persons!
In my opinion , Chris Martin is an unusual person because of fame . Then he started to be famous and now everybody knows him . And because he is married , as Lina said , to Gwyneth Paltrow that is a big actor and very famous in Hollywood movies .
Well , I think that's it...see you!