Thursday, September 11, 2003

Hello Graham!! Yep, I can imagine! It must be really awfull! I can't even talk in front of 15 people, I can't imagine thousands! hehe... Gwyneth and Chris have been dating for a long time, and I heard, I don't know when and where, that they are going to get married... Something I wanted to say about Chris Martin is that he is considered not a freak, but an unusual person. And you can see it when you watch him at his performances. His ways to behave are very unsual, but I like him a lot! Oh I forgot to tell you, that I have already seen him performing at Grammys, at the beginning of the year. He sang Clocks, and he played the piano, with a lot of enthusiasm.... It was a chance in a lifetime! Well that' s all, see you later!
Bye bye