Thursday, September 11, 2003

Hey graham I were talking with Lina about the performance of coldplay in the Grammy and I have to say that I saw the part that he is on the piano, but for me that part were very funny because if you saw the tape again you will see that at one moment he became crazy and his head go up and down on the piano, hehehe it is very funny.

Oh and Diego. Not all songs of coldplay are sad the point is that the style of that band is a slow rock that all.

By the way my friend Andres have said that a band called Halloween sing some songs in Latin, hehehe can you imagine hard rock in Latin it must be very interesting.

One last thing, yesterday I have seen a movie called "O chamado" that means the call and I has very afraid with the movie, it is so exiting. Have anybody here seen this movie?

Well cya guys.