Thursday, September 11, 2003

Hello everybody!!

So , I see that you are until now talking about bands and I would like to express my opinion about it . I like Coldplay too and I have already heard about Manu Chao . One band that I love is Maná . The lyrics are in spanish but I don't know where they are from (Spain , Argentina). My favourite song is "como quiciera" (I'm listenning to it now!) and "sola" . We heard it in spanish class and it was very great! My friend Maeva has already been in Spain and her cousine lives there so she can talk a little bit to us what she thinks about it and how was her trip! And she went to Maná's show that happened here in São Paulo at the beggining of the year.

Talking about respect in English schools and universities , I remembered a film that talks about this (I think) .It is the story of a teacher that was disrespected when he arrived at the school by the students but at the end everybody loved him! It is an old movie called "To sir with love". It is a very famous movie and they have done a song for it that is called "To sir with love" too. It is a very emotive (is this the right term to use here?) movie and very interesting too. I recommend you!

I was reading the posts and I saw that Graham or Ryan (I don't remember who was it) said that our English is very good! I'm glad reading this because I thougnt it was horrible! Thank you very much...

Ryan , I saw that you have been in many different countries. That must be wonderful! I never went to England but next year , me and Katherina are organizing to do an interchange (I don't know if this is the better world to use) during the month of july at Cambridge . Everybody do it and they say it is really great except for the hours (everything closes to early even the discos)! But I'm sure I'll love it because it is a new experience : live alone , meet new people and new civilisations (because many people of different countries goes there) , practice my english... well , a lot of reasons!
Ahh... I forgot presenting myself . My name is Caroline and as Katherina and all the others writters of bee online (except Graham and Bee) I'm in 2nde1 what means 10th grade I think . The bee online was our teacher's idea and frankly , I loved it! I'm sure you won't feel like "out of the conversations" if we start talking , asking and answering to each other .

Finally , Lou , Jordy is (or was because now he certainly is older so he isn't anymore a baby) a french little boy that singed "C'est dur dur d'être bêbe"... And teacher , as Felipe I want to call you bee too , ok?!

I think that's all I have to say today but I hope being permitted to write here more times and being answer...