Monday, September 15, 2003

Hello Ryan ,
Thanks for the meaning of the word tither... I understand exactly what you wanted to say because anywhere it is like this . Like , in Brazil , the subtitles doesn't say exactly what the actors said and there are some jocks that can only be understanded in English or that only make sens in English , so it isn't nice . An exemple (bad exemple) is the movie American Pie . The English expressions were to bad translated so that makes no sens to us brazilians . So , it is very difficult to see an English comedy film understanding everything they say! But I do my possible and I understand almost everything they say in English so that's great! =)

Hello Graham ,
I completly agree with you about the famous people . I never heard about this film but I'll search it . It is a comedy?! It seems to be more a sad movie or , I don't know , a suspens... But I'll look for it !

Teacher , I think we must create a new subject because it starts to be too repetitive .
See you everybody!